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January 17, 2022 | Headlines

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports 12,841 new COVID cases across the state today.

The new case 7 day average is 10,642 and there are 110,244 active cases reported in the state. The current numbers for Kay County include 860 cases diagnosed in the past 30 days.

Last week three Ponca City schools transitioned to remote learning, Ponca City High School, West Middle School and Lincoln Elementary.

Today Superintendent Shelly Arrott issued a letter to parents stating that the district is learning of more students and staff who have tested positive over the weekend, or who are symptomatic. 

“We continue to analyze our data continually but due to multiple variables, trying to predict our status early is difficult with any certainty. I would advise you to stay “COVID aware,” meaning stay connected to our Ponca City Public Schools Facebook page, download our free PCPS App wherever you download your apps, and stay connected to our website,” said Arrott. 

“We will hope for the best, but I think it is wise for families to be prepared for the worst, which would mean transitioning to Distance Learning. I regret we cannot provide a solid plan, but these are definitely unpredictable times. As you know, county cases are extremely high. With so many positive cases, the Omicron variant is expected to peak as early as late this week, which means this week will likely be a struggle for us. We will get notice to you as quickly as possible if we have to transition a site or sites to Distance Learning.”

Arrott said having students for in-person learning is the primary goal. “We will do all that we can over the next few days to make it happen. However, we must have enough staff to cover classes and supervise appropriately.  We continually assess our staffing absences and determine who is testing or symptomatic. If we move a site to Distance Learning, we will try to notify families by noon on any given day. If we do move a site to Distance Learning, we will provide free meals to everyone and internet hot spots if needed, and we will keep the public informed of details. Communication is vital during this time so if you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s site. If we move a site or sites to Distance Learning, staff not affected by COVID will be in the building.”

Arrott said that there are links with the case counts posted on the district’s homepage at www.pcps.us.

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