Ponca City’s active COVID count increases to 437

January 13, 2022 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — The latest Epidemiology Report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health shows that the fully vaccination rate of Kay County residents ages 5 and over is 43.5 percent.

Grant County’s fully vaccination rate is 43.8 percent, Osage County, 35.1 percent, and Noble County 63.4 percent.

Ponca City has recorded 6,644 cases, 115 deaths and 437 are active cases, an increase of 195 since last week. Blackwell has recorded 1,180 total cases, 41 of those resulted in deaths and 57 are active cases, an increase of 10. Tonkawa has recorded 660 cases, 18 deaths and 46 cases are active, an increase of 30. Newkirk has recorded 779 cases, nine deaths, and 49 cases are active, an increase of 33. Kaw City has recorded 121 cases, three previously recorded  deaths and no active cases. Braman has recorded 51 cases and two of those were previously recorded as deaths. Six active cases are reported.

In Grant County, Deer Creek has reported 58 cases none are active.

Lamont, 98 reported cases, five active. Medford 239 reported cases, 11 active. Nash 75 reported cases, none active. Pond Creek has 177 cases reported, nine active and 76 reported cases in Wakita, none active. 

In Noble County, Perry has reported 1,166 cases, 22 deaths and 54 active cases, an increase of 37. Billings 220 cases, four previously reported deaths and no active cases. Marland has 85 reported cases, none active; Morrison, 277 cases, 12 active; Red Rock’s case count is 222, none active. 

In Osage County, Fairfax has recorded 344 cases, 14 deaths and 34 active cases, an increase of 28. Shidler has recorded 110 cases and one death was previously recorded and eight active cases.

To view the data visit https://oklahoma.gov/covid19/community-data.html

Dr. Noel Williams, of Optimal Health in Oklahoma City, serves on the state’s COVID Task Force, provides regular updates on the COVID.  To watch visit his Youtube channel here.

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