Burbank man arrested on stolen property charges

November 19, 2021 | Courts

PAWHUSKA — Jospeh Edward Eugene Hockett, 40, Burbank, is being held in the Osage County Jail on three felony charges of knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, altering and removing a VIN number and possession of controlled dangerous substance.

Hockett was arrested this week after Osage County deputies assisted by Department of Agriculture investigators executed a search warrant at his residence on Wooten Road in Burbank.

Investigator Jamie Wilson, reports in the affidavit that officials located a green John Deere Tractor on the property that was reported stolen from Oklahoma State University.

Also located was a Kubota ATV and a Kubota mower, both reported stolen from Payne County Implement Sales in January.

Investigators report finding tools used to conceal the identity of equipment such as a reciprocating saw believed to be used to cut a cab of a stolen mini excavator that was recovered from another property.

Also, a loaded firearm, methamphetamine, marijuana, and paraphernalia were also located.

Hockett entered a not guilty plea to the charges on Thursday. Bond is endorsed at $10,000.

Hockett has a criminal background in Kay County that dates back to 2002 and includes drug and forgery charges.

Jospeh Edward Eugene Hockett
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