Former Blackwell police officer held on $100,000 bond after stand off with police

October 19, 2021 | Courts|Featured|Police

NEWKIRK — An initial appearance is scheduled for former Blackwell police officer Gary Dean Preuss, 52, Blackwell, in Kay County District Court.

Preuss is facing felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and threaten to perform act of violence.

He is being held in the county jail on $100,000 bond.

Blackwell police report that on Oct. 16, officers were dispatched to Preuss’ home after receiving a report that he was sitting on his porch with a rifle and making comments that he wanted a shoot out with police.

Gary Dean Preuss

Two officers arrived and report in the affidavit that Preuss was peeking out from his porch and that they could see a the barrel of the rifle.

Sgt. John Mitchell reportedly got Preuss on the phone and convinced him to put his weapons down and seek mental health treatment. 

Police report after a 20 minute stand off, Preuss came outside unarmed and was then transported to Stillwater Medical Blackwell Hospital by Mitchell, a deputy and medical professional Phil Green for a mental health evaluation.

Police executed a search warrant at the residence and report that they discovered Preuss had a “fighting position” set up in his living room, including a loaded 7mm Dimension Bolt Action Rifle, a 12 gauge Remington shotgun with a round in the chamber, and a loaded 45ACP Springfield pistol, all of which were in an arms reach. In addition, two other weapons and 28 boxes of ammo were reportedly located in the home.

Police report that a blood test performed at the hospital showed Preuss had a blood-alcohol level of .20.

Chief Dewayne Wood said today, Preuss left the department earlier this year.