Blackwell man sentenced for exposing others to AIDS

September 15, 2021 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A Blackwell man accused of exposing others to AIDS has been convicted of the offense and sentenced to a deferred prison sentence.

Terry Joe Sullivan, 57, entered a no contest plea in Kay County District Court to a felony charge of exposing others to AIDS. He was charged with the offense on June 30.

Terry Joe Sullivan

Blackwell police report that officers responded to Sullivan’s home after he called police to report a stolen sex machine.

Sullivan told police about a male he had hooked up with and suspected that he took the item.

Police made contact with the suspect who admitted to having sexual relations with Sullivan. When officers asked the subject if he knew Sullivan was HIV positive, the subject reportedly said no and broke down in tears.

Sullivan was arrested and charged.

After entering the no contest plea, Judge David Wilkie sentenced Sullivan to five years in prison with all but six months in the county jail suspended.

In Pawnee County, Sullivan faces felony charges of soliciting sexual conduct or communications with a minor by use of technology, showing obscene material to a minor, and soliciting a minor for indecent exposure and or obscene material. Those charges were filed on May 21.

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