Kay County’s fully vaccination rate is now 39.9 percent; Three more deaths reported

September 8, 2021 | Featured|Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — The latest Epidemiology Report from the Oklahoma State Department of Health shows that the fully vaccination rate of Kay County residents is 39.9 percent, an increase of .8 percent since Sept. 1.

The fully vaccination rates for Kay County residents over the age of 65 is 69.3 percent.

Grant County’s fully vaccination rate is 40.9 percent, Osage County, 30.9 percent, and Noble County 58.7 percent.

OSDH reports that Oklahoma’s current trend with new positive cases continues to reflect community transmission, which can be reduced by getting the COVID-19 vaccine, keeping 6 feet of physical distance from others, wearing face coverings when around individuals from outside the household, avoiding touching your face, and regular hand-washing.

Oklahoma currently ranks 26th in the number of total reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and 12th in the cumulative incidence (per 100,000 persons) of reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

There have been break out cases reported in the state.

Vaccine breakthrough cases are defined as an individual with a COVID-19 positive laboratory results (PCR/Antigen) and documentation of COVID-19 vaccination that meets the definition of fully vaccinated. (Individuals are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after receiving the last dose in the COVID-19 vaccine series.

OSDH reports that 114,248 Oklahomans have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and that 714 breakout cases have been reported. Of those, 53 cases resulted in hospitalization, and 10 of those people died.

OSDH reports 720,735 Oklahomans have received the Moderna vaccine. There have been 2,365 break through cases resulting in 140 hospitalizations, and 26 deaths.

OSDH reports that 925,958 Oklahomans have received the Pfizer vaccine and 4,255 break through cases have been reported, resulting in 248 hospitalizations and 50 deaths.

Kay County ranks 13th in the state in the number of deaths with 139, which includes 92 Ponca City residents; 30 Blackwell residents; 16 Tonkawa residents; seven Newkirk residents; three Kaw City residents and one Braman resident. At least nine of the Ponca City residents were on the Osage County side.

Osage County has reported 100 deaths which includes 10 Fairfax residents and one Shidler resident.

Noble County has 24 confirmed deaths which includes, 14 deaths in Perry, four Billings residents; a Morrison resident; Two Red Rock women both in the 65 or older age category and three Marland residents.

Grant County reports seven confirmed deaths which includes a female resident of Deer Creek in the 65 or older age category, three Wakita residents including two females in the 65 or older category, a Medford woman in the 65 or older age category and a Lamont resident.

Kay County ranks 22nd in the state in the total number of cases reports with 6,296. The number of active cases is 276 an increase of 53.

Included in the count are: 837 cases in Blackwell, 22 active; Braman, 33 reported cases, five active. Kaw City, 79 reported cases, two active. Newkirk, 529 reported cases, 29 active. Ponca City, 4,565 reported cases, 212 are active. Tonkawa, 440 cases,17 active.

Osage County ranks 23rd in the state for the number of cases report with 6,167. That number includes 56 reported cases in Burbank, one active. Fairfax has confirmed 235 cases, 15 active, and Shidler, 81, three active.

Noble County’s total case count is 1,710 which includes 211 cases in Billings, none active. Marland has 69 reported cases, three active; Morrison, 244 cases, 11 active; Perry, 906 reported cases, 92 active; Red Rock’s case count is 195, eight active. 

There have been 647 total reported cases in Grant County which includes 44 total cases in Deer Creek, none active. Lamont, 83 reported cases, eight active. Medford 215 reported cases, 15 active. Nash 69 reported cases, two active. Pond Creek has 158 cases reported, three active and 63 reported cases in Wakita, nine active. 

Oklahoma City’s Dr. Noel Williams, who serves on the state’s COVID Task Force, provides regular updates about the COVID situation on Youtube. To watch visit his Youtube channel here.

OSDH stresses that it is critical for Oklahomans to seek out testing, with or without symptoms. Diagnostic testing is freely available to all Oklahomans.

To schedule a vaccine appointment. Visit vaccinate.oklahoma.gov, or locate other vaccine opportunities at vaccines.gov.

As of Aug. 18 OSDH reports that there have been 237 cases reported at Kay County Nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic, 209 of those are considered recovered and 26 ended in death. 

Sixty-nine of the cases have been reported at Ponca Nursing, 60 recovered and eight deaths.  Two cases at Shawn Manor, both recovered; Via Christi Village has reported 104 cases, 98 recovered, five deaths. Creekside Village reports 14 cases, 13 recovered, one death. 

Seven cases have been reported at Hillcrest Manor in Blackwell, two recovered and five deaths, and 33 at Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa, 27 recovered and six deaths.

On Sept. 3

Via Christi Village sent out the following information.

Resident Statistics Count
New Positive COVID-19 cases since August 11,  20210
Year-to-date number residents who have tested positive for COVID-1964
Current number of residents who are COVID-19 positive in our community0
New COVID-19 deaths since Jan. 11.0
Year-to-date COVID-19 related residents deaths 12
New persons Under Investigation (PUI) since August 21,  2021 due to a new COVID-19 related sign or symptom0
Year-to-date positive residents who have recovered and resolved57
Staff Statistics Count
New positive COVID-19 cases since September 1, 2021 (associate(s) furloughed)      4
Year-to-date number of staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 100
New persons Under Investigation (PUI) since July 18 due to a new COVID-19 related sign or symptom0
Year-to-date positive associates who have recovered 96*

*These associates tested Positive and are now testing Negative or Resolved

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