Voter deadlines announced for $49.75 million Ponca City School bond election

September 2, 2021 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Ponca City voters who want to register to vote in the Oct. 12 school bond election have until Sept. 17.

Voters have until Oct. 5 to request an absentee ballot for the election.

In August, PCPS reported that the seven-year $45.5 million bond project, with an additional $10 million of CARES funds, will allow improvements to the school district and aid in the mitigation and spread of COVID-19.

The ballot reads as if the bond project is $49,750,000 for 10 years.

Adam Leaming, PCPS Executive Director of Operations Intern, explained that the district is financing the project for seven years on the bond and that $49.75 million is the correct number.

Leaming said the district financial advisor explained that the 10 years is a protection in the event something catastrophic happens to cause to the district’s valuation to decrease.

“If that would happen we could pay it off in 10 years,” said Leaming. “If a major pipeline, wind farm or some other major investment happened within our district our valuation would increase and we could pay it off sooner. The 10 years is a safety net per the advice of the district’s financial advisor.”

For more information on the bond project click here

Early voting on the project will be held Oct. 7-8.

Voters can visit for more information or contact the Kay County Election Board, located at 201 S. Main St. basement of Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk  at 580-362-2130 for more information. 

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