Kay County Court Clerk’s office relocating to former DHS building

July 21, 2021 | Headlines

By SHARON ROWEN | © www.kaynewscow.com

NEWKIRK — The former home of the Department of Human Services, 801 west South in Newkirk, is the new temporary home of the Kay County Court Clerk and district attorney offices.

Marilee Thornton, court clerk, said today her office and the district court will close on July 28 and reopen on Aug. 2 at the new location. 

The district attorney’s office is already located at the location.

Thornton said the offices are scheduled to be in the location for at least year. The move is part of the transition that all of the county offices are experiencing as the courthouse annex nears completion. The other offices are slated to start moving to the annex in mid August.

Once relocated, remodeling of the current courthouse will begin as it will become the permanent home of the district court and district attorney’s offices.

“We are extremely happy that the citizens of Kay County have done this for us,” said Thornton. “My staff has been working weekends and using their own vehicles to do what needs to be done to get us moved. It is all hands on deck as my father has even helped.”

The front room of the former DHS building is being converted into a courtroom.

The new location is being converted to house three courtrooms, one large and two small.  Thornton said everything that happens at the courthouse now will happen at the new location.

“We will hold trials, hearings, divorce court, everything,” she said.

Thornton said the DHS staff gave up the Kay County owned building late last year and moved to 801 west Grand in Ponca City.

“It was perfect timing for us,” said Thornton. Before this become available there was talk of housing us in trailers. We were looking at nightmare.”

For questions concerning the relocation and or a court date contact the clerk’s office at 580-362-3350. 

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