Jail bookings July 14-20

July 20, 2021 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail July 14-20 include:

Daryl American Horse, 28, Billings, Montana, BIA contract.

Henry Allan Anderson, 44, Tonkawa, drug charges. Held on $50,000 bond.

Whitney Elaine Arkeketa, 31, Ponca City, BIA local hold.

Jose Francisco Baeza, 34, Ponca City, DOC hold. 

Anthony Wayne Bales, 59, Ponca City, sanctions.

Douglas Dean Blackwell, 54, Ponca City, assault with out dangerous weapon, and elder abuse. Held on $18,000 bond.

Angelica Rose Castillo, 22, Ponca City, child neglect. Held on $2,500 bond. (see story)

Alexander Michael Combs, domestic assault. Released on $10,000 bond.

Diane Clairene Cries For Ribs, 33, Ponca City, false personation. Held on $27,500 bond.

Matthew Irving Crowley, 29, Ponca City, grand larceny. Held on $5,200 bond.

Jerry Dean Dorl, 33, Ponca City, endangering others while eluding. Held on $60,000 bond.

Patrick Ray Ebert, 54, Blackwell, drug charge. Released on $1,000 bond.

Ronald Wayne Elam, 55, New Cambria, Mo. Burglary, DOC hold.

Ronald Wayne Elam

Cheylyn Elkboy, 25, Lame Deer, Mt. BIA contract.

Sabrina Jean Garza, 32, Ponca City, failure to report child abuse. Released on $2,500 bond. (see story)

Daniel Lee Hale, 45, Winfield, Kan., assault with a dangerous weapon. Released on $10,000 bond.

Conner Reed Harris, 21, Arkansas City, Kan. fishing with out a license. Released on $728 bond.

Evan Ray Hasbell, 30, Clevure, Texas, drug charges. Held on $25,000 bond.

Noah Jefferson, 18, Montana, BIA contract. 

Vernus Loren Kendrick, 46, assault and battery. Released on $7,500 bond.

Wade Hampton Kennon, 65, Newkirk, failure to register as a sex offender. Held on $12,000 bond. (see story)

Jimmie Alvin Loveall, 35, Medford, forgery. Released on $20,000 bond.

Thomas Henry Martin Sr., 56, Kildare, domestic assault and battery. 

Mitchell Medicine Bull, 28, BIA Contract. 

Christopher Wayne Nickles, 48, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery. Held on $5,369 bond.

Martin Marshall Parker, 33, Bartlesville, domestic assault and battery. Held on $15,000 bond.

Kateena Marie Paschal, 24, Tonkawa, possession of meth. Held on $5,300 bond.

Ashley Dawn Pendergaft, 22, Blackwell, drug charges. held on $1,500 bond.

Phillip Wayne Pipestem, 33, Ponca City, driving with out a license. Released on $300 bond.

Mark Pippin, 61, Ponca City, DUI. Released on $2,500 bond.

Roberto Edgar Quintana, 33, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Henry Alferd Robinson, 35, Ponca City, larceny of a motor vehicle. Held on $10,000 bond.

Carlos Jonathan Romero, 21, Ponca City, child abuse by injury. Held on $20,000 bond.

Carlos Jonathan Romero

Steve Blaines Rooks, 51, Eufula, failure to register as a sex offender. Held on $5,000 bond.

David Eugene Sawyer, 55, Ponca City, drug charges. Released on $2,800 bond.

Aaron Levell Simmons, 29, Ponca City, burglary, eluding and drug charges. Held on $115,000 bond.

Bennett Young Skidmore, 61, Sulphur, public intoxication. 

Aaron Levell Simmons

Trinity Johnna Smith, 46, Marland, possession of meth. Held on $1,500 bond.

Henry Joe Starkey, 26, Blackwell, driving under suspension. Released on $1,500 bond.

Tonner Gene Warrior, 40, Ponca City, Logan County Hold, child neglect and domestic abuse. Held on $50,000 bond. (see story)

Vincente Dwight Warrior, 26, Tonkawa, child endangerment by DUI. Released on $200 bond.

Zachary Paul Williams, 31, Kaw City, traffic violations. Released on $1,500 bond.

Charles Roodrick Wilson, 32, Ponca City, DUI. Released on $1,000 bond.

Sheered Nicole Wilson, 30, Ponca City, possession fo meth. Held on $5,500 bond.

Joseph Douglas Wood, 35, Tonkawa, lewd acts, solicits sexual conduct with a minor, held on $100,000 bond.

Joseph Douglas Wood
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