Sexual predation allegations made against NOC professor

May 3, 2021 | Courts

(Warning, some readers may find some of the following information disturbing.)

NEWKIRK — Northern Oklahoma College’s Technical Director and professor of Theatre, Anthony Lee Luetkenhaus, 37, Stillwater, remains in the Kay County Detention Center on complaints of violating the state’s computer crimes act, kidnapping, sexual battery, first degree rape, distribution of obscene material and committing acts of lewdness. 

He was arrested Thursday by Tonkawa police on the NOC campus after NOC’s president Dr. Cheryl Evans contacted police to report allegations made by students.

Anthony Lee Luetkenhaus

Tonkawa police chief Nick Payne reports that he went to the campus and interviewed two alleged victims.

A female student reportedly told officials that in 2018, she added Luetkenhaus to her Snap Chat account and in return he added her. She told officials that she sent him a photo of a drink with the statement, “Having fun tonight.”

He reportedly replied with four photos of what is believed to be his penis. 

The student reportedly told officials that in the fall of 2018, he approached her during a rehearsal and forcefully picked her up off the ground and grabbed her by the buttocks and whispered, “I told you I could pick you up.”

The student claims that in the spring of 2019, he directed her to assist him in carrying a bench into a secluded area of his workshop after rehearsal. There, he allegedly grabbed her by the arm, pulled her close, fondled her and stated, “You wore this outfit for me didn’t you.” She told Payne another student walked in and Luetkenhaus stopped.

A second student told officials that she became a student at NOC in 2016 and that Luetkenhaus took interest in her.

The student said a close relationship between the two began and that it was oriented around a bondage-dominance-sadomasochism environment.

She told officials that Luetkenhaus forced her to take part in an experience referred to as “The Game.”

She told police that in “The Game” she is his sex slave and “pet’ and that she was supposed to recruit other “pets” for him.

The female reportedly told authorities that during her five-year relationship with him, she was directed to find other students, both past and present, and engage in three-way-sexual encounters. Luetkenhaus allegedly directed her to document and record the encounters so that he could add them to his database and add members to The Game. Luetkenhaus is the reported master of The Game and was allowed to take any one of his pets at any time. The student said the word take meant rape.

The female reportedly told authorities that she has had many sexual encounters with Luetkenhaus, all over the NOC campus, including classrooms, restrooms, closets, and meeting rooms. She noted that some of the encounters were consensual and that he enjoyed watching the theatre and Roustabout students disrobe in areas that they they thought was private. 

She told authorities that she met Luetkenhaus one evening at the light tower for a consensual encounter that turned into rape. The student alleged that he tied her to a light fixture with her feet suspended in the air, something she did not expect.  The student told Payne that the intercourse became painful and that she told him to stop, but he didn’t. She attempted to free herself from the ropes but was unable.

She told officials that she was not allowed to speak of the incident because it would be a betrayal in The Game against The Master and that she was scared of the proposed consequences by The Master which included death.

She reportedly told officials that Luetkenhaus encouraged her and other pets to take other students for their own and document their experiences.

She told officials that he is in possession of hundreds of digitally images, videos, and media stored on phones, computers, and other devices.

He allegedly bragged to her about his collection which allegedly includes students in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri.

She told authorities that an estimated 40 NOC students may be involved in The Game and that attempts to recruit a 12-year-old were made.

The student told officials that on March 27, she was at Astoria Bistro in Ponca City with Luetkenhaus  and that he showed her “secret images” on his cell phone.

Both alleged victims told officials that Luetkenhaus reportedly trades and distributes the images on the internet and both stated that participation in The Game allowed them to be rewarded production roles, their own keys to the college and special attention from Luetkenhaus.

Luetkenhaus appeared before Judge David Wilkie last Thursday for a bond hearing. Bond is set at $150,000. He is scheduled for an initial appearance on May 7.

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