Blackwell and Newkirk elect new mayors

April 6, 2021 | Headlines

NEWKIRK — Voters went to the polls Tuesday around Kay County resulting in new mayors elected in Blackwell and Newkirk.

T.J. Greenfield resumes his role as mayor of Blackwell. He defeated Julie Green by a count of 650-415. Greenfield held the seat previously and was defeated in 2020 by Glenn Cox. Cox stepped down shortly after the win after allegations of embezzlement were raised against his wife. (see story)

Chad Shepherd defeated incumbent Steve Marquardt for the City Councilor Ward No. 4 seat.

Newkirk voters elected Dereck Cassady as mayor. Cassady defeated incumbent Brian Hobbs by a count of 181 to 138. Jeff Schieber defeated Landon Carpenter by a vote count of 253 t0 177 to win the Newkirk School Board seat No. 1

In Tonkawa Charles Conaghan defeated Glenn Cope by a count of 305-62 to become Ward No. 1 City Councilor and Brian Bowling defeated Mary Allan by a vote count of 313 to 85 to win the Tonkawa School Board seat No. 1.

For more election results visit the state election board website.

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