Polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday

April 5, 2021 | Headlines

NEWKIRK — Voters in Blackwell, Newkirk, Tonkawa, Frontier, and Billings can go to the polls tomorrow 7-7.

For a list of elections and races click here

Polling places include the following locations.


001 Newkirk Library, 116 North Maple St. Newkirk


101 Family Center, Methodist Church 105 N. 4th, Tonkawa

103 Church of Christ Church, 300 N. Public, Tonkawa


202 First Christian Church 306 E. Coolidge. Blackwell

205 First Baptist Church 1st & Bridge Ave. Blackwell

206 Methodist Church 6th & Coolidge Ave.  Blackwell


400 Masonic Lodge 88 Boaz, Newkirk

401 (SUB) Christ Church 1001 Boaz, Newkirk

403 Christ Church 1001 Boaz, Newkirk

404 Peckham Christian Church Liberty Ave. Peckham

406 Town Hall Main ST. Braman 

407 (SUB) Kildare School 1265 Church St. Kildare

419 Community Christian Church 2109 W. Grand Ave. Ponca City

420 Ranch Drive Volunteer Fire Dept. 3454 S. Ranch Dr. Ponca City

For more information contact the Election Board, located at 201 S. Main St. basement of Kay County Courthouse in Newkirk at 580-362-2130.

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