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April 5, 2021 | Courts|Headlines|Police|Sports


  • Born and raised in Kay County, graduated from Blackwell High School in 1987
  • Moved to Newkirk in 2003 with my wife Melani and our 6 kids, 3 of which graduated from Newkirk High School.
  • I have 22+ years of public service, working for Blackwell and Ponca City Fire Departments.
  • During my fire service career, I coordinated, organized and lead others in the creation and implementation of goals, objectives and policy for the fire department.
  • I have shown through previous actions as a commissioner that I am capable of performing the essential functions of the Mayor position.
  • While serving as a commissioner, some of the accomplishments were starting water well rehabilitation project, discussion on a new water treatment facility, ordered new tornado sirens for the community, worked to retain local businesses and approved a new business.
  • Volunteer numerous hours with the Ponca City Noon AMBUCS and serve on the Opportunity Center Board of Directors.
  • I have attended budgeting and financial classes so that I can work closely with other department heads across the state on how to best utilize monies appropriated.
  • I feel it is important to present a good face to the community and work together on common goals to secure the stability of the community.
  • I work hard to recognize any biases that I may have and set them aside to ensure the best decisions are made for the community.
  • I pride myself in actively listening to others needs.
  • As Mayor, I feel the infrastructure is a very important item that has to be dealt with.
  • I want to continue moving forward with discussions on a new water treatment facility and find ways to fund it, with replacing some water lines as part of that project.
  • The electric system in the community needs to be upgraded, as well as work on improving streets.
  • Continue to move forward on the new Public Safety Center.
  • Work closely with the City Manager to obtain grants and research other funding sources.
  • Work with Main Street and the Chamber to recruit new business into our town.

I would appreciate your vote on April 6th

It’s Time to Cast Your Vote for DERECK CASSADY for Newkirk Mayor!

 Dereck’s Focus for Newkirk:

•  Finalize projects initiated during his term as Newkirk City Commissioner including the rehabilitation of the water well project. 

• Lead the City Council in moving forward with new infrastructure projects including a public safety center, a water treatment facility, replacing water lines and upgrading the community electrical system. 

•  Work closely with the City Manager on researching and obtaining grants or other funding sources for the community. 

 • Partner with Main Street and the Chamber of Commerce on retaining and recruiting new businesses into our community. 

 • About Dereck:

 • Dereck made Newkirk his home in 2003 with his wife Melani and their six children; three of them graduating from Newkirk High School.

 • He has over 20 years of public service experience working for Blackwell and Ponca City Fire Departments.

 • During his fire service career, he has lead committees in the implementation of new policies and budgets for many fire departments across the state of Oklahoma.

 • He actively volunteers numerous hours with the Ponca City Noon AMBUCS and serves on the Opportunity Center Board of Directors.  See you at the polls on April 6th!

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