Court date set for robbery suspect

March 31, 2021 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — An attorney status review is scheduled in Kay County District Court for the woman accused of robbing the Stop N Go, 501 west Highland on March 10.

Maretha Katielynn Brown, 30, Ponca City, is facing a felony charge of first degree robbery and in a second case, possession of forged notes and instruments.

Maretha Katielynn Brown

Ponca City police report that officers responded to the store at 3:25 a.m.. The cashier told police that a female entered the store wearing a black full face mask, red T-shirt and blue jeans. The clerk reportedly told the female,  later identified as Brown, to remove the mask or leave the store.

Brown reportedly picked up a bag of candy and was getting a soda when the clerk again told her to take the mask off or she would call the police. As the clerk went to the phone, Brown reportedly pressed something into the clerk’s back and stated, “don’t do anything. Just open the register and give me the money.”

The clerk opened the register and moved out of the way. Brown reportedly grabbed some bills totaling $100 and left.

Officers viewed video of the incident and were able to tell that Brown took a Sprite out of the cooler and picked up a bag of Sour Patch candy before following the clerk to the register. Photos were pulled from the video and sent to the media for release. Soon after police received tips indicating Brown was the suspect and that she frequents the 500 block of S. 13th Street and the 300 block of N. Pine.

Officers went to an address on north Pine and found Brown. Sgt. Steven Yinger reports that he asked Brown if she knew why he wanted to talk to her and she reportedly replied, “Because I got messed up and robbed the store last night.”

Brown was arrested at 2:23 p.m. and taken to the station where she reportedly told police she drank until she passed out. She said she didn’t remember putting on a mask but remembered leaving the store with a pocket knife and cash in her hands. She told officers she walked to Liberty School and that she didn’t know where the mask was but that she gave the jeans she wore during the robbery to “Lil Homie.” Brown is free on $10,000 bond and is ordered not to consume alcohol nor  have contact with store or victim.

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