Ranch Drive Fire Department donates truck to Twin Lakes Fire Department

March 29, 2021 | Featured|Headlines

RANCH DRIVE — The Ranch Drive Fire Department became the second fire department in Kay County to donate to the Twin Lakes Fire Department which was destroyed by fire on Feb. 21.

Twin Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is located in Crescent in Logan County. Members of the Braman Fire Department donated gear to the department last month. See story here.

Members of the Twin Lakes Fire Department traveled to the Ranch Drive on Saturday and picked up a donated one-ton brush truck. “We hope this helps them get back on their feet,” said Ranch Drive chief Billy Steichen. Steichen said Ranch Drive firefighters are in the process of  building a new truck which should be in service in the next 30 days.  

Ranch Drive Fire Chief Billy Steichen presents the keys to the donated brush truck to Twin Lakes Chief Mike Gilliam.

“As a result there was going to be a surplus truck, a 1986 Chevrolet which is an Oklahoma State Forestry asset, at the station,” said Steichen. “The board was discussing what to do with the truck and a suggestion was made at the beginning of March that we donate it to Twin Lakes. After some discussion the suggestion was turned into a motion and it passed unanimously.”

Steichen said the board contacted Twin Lakes’ chief Mike Gilliam, to see if he would be interested in it. Cecil Michaels of the Northern Oklahoma Development Authority was also contacted and asked to take care of the transfer of the surplus cab and chassis.

“Ranch Drive donated the truck bed complete with tank, pump and hoses,” said Steichen. “We also included the light bar, siren and radio.  When the truck left the Ranch Drive station on Saturday it was ready to respond to a grass fire.”

From left are Ranch Drive Fire Board Members Darrel Stolhand, Lee Streeter, Mary Grace Lebeda, Mike Laughlin, Chief Billy Steichen, Twin Lakes Fire Chief Mike Gilliam, RDFD Asst Chief Marty Steichen, Twin Lakes firefighters Chris Rodgers and Mathew Coker.
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