Hearing set for defendant accused of shooting at a semi

March 8, 2021 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A preliminary hearing is set for Stephen Lee Hogan, 39, Seminole, in Kay County District Court.

Hogan is facing felony charges of first degree robbery, discharging a firearm with intent to kill, possession of firearms after conviction, endangering others while eluding police and destroying evidence.

Stephen Lee Hogan

Kay County deputy Elliott Lindsey reports in the affidavit that just after midnight on Jan. 14, he responded to Ranch Drive and Hubbard Road for a report of a subject in a black pickup shooting at vehicles.

While responding the suspect vehicle came head on at Lindsey on Hubbard Road. Lindsey used evasive action to avoid an accident and then gave chase east on Hubbard Road. The suspect later identified as Hogan, turned south on 14th Street and reportedly sped through the red light at 14th and Prospect at 80 miles per hour. Lindsey reports the pursuit continued south on 14th Street until Otoe Street where Hogan started putting his hands out the window while the vehicle coasted.

There, Hogan was arrested and a search of the vehicle conducted. Officials report finding a loaded 9mm pistol on the dash. Authorities report the weapon and vehicle were stolen earlier from a residence on Ranch Drive and that Hogan is on probation in California.

Lindsey made contact with the semi driver who was shot at. The driver told Lindsey that he went around the stopped pickup Ranch Drive just before the overpass. Hogan then reportedly got beside the semi, fired his weapon, passed the semi and then stopped.

The semi driver, not realizing the sound was a gunshot, passed the truck again. Hogan reportedly caught back up with the semi at the Highland Extension and fired the gun at the semi a second time.

Lindsey reports two bullet holes were found in the semi. Hogan is being held in the county jail on $1million bond.

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