Court date set for accused attacker who was shot by alleged victim

March 3, 2021 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — An initial appearance is set for Phillip Warren Fowler, 37, in Kay County District Court.

Fowler is facing felony charges of forcible sodomy, child abuse, two counts of kidnapping and domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, all after two or more felony convictions.

Phillip Warren Fowler

Ponca City police report that on Jan. 30, officers responded to the Highlander Apartments for a report of a shooting.

While responding police were alerted that two other victims, a female and a juvenile, were at the emergency room.

The female told police that Fowler was high on meth and started getting violent.

She told police Fowler started stabbing a juvenile male with a knife, so she grabbed a baseball bat and hit Fowler in the back.

Fowler reportedly grabbed the bat from her and hit her in the shoulder and then hit the juvenile in the head. He reportedly hit the teen repeatedly until the female was able to jump on top of the juvenile.

Fowler threw the female to the side and hit the juvenile in the face with his fist.

The female claims Fowler told both of them to get up or he would kill them.

He reportedly shoved the female into the living room and then punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious.

When she came to, she said she heard Fowler demanding the teen get in the closet or he would kill the female.

The teen went into the closet and Fowler put a chair in front of the door.

He then put a mattress over the front door of the apartment and demanded the female take her clothes off, reportedly telling her that he knew she would not leave the apartment nude.

The female told police she begged him to allow her to get help for the teen.

Fowler reportedly told her she would have to do sexual favors for him before he would allow her to get help. After forcing her to perform a sex act, he tied her up with a belt and put tape over her mouth and went to a bedroom.

The female told police she managed to knock the screen out of the kitchen window hoping to draw attention. But instead Fowler put the box springs over the window and and threw the female in the bedroom.

When Fowler went to the bathroom, the female managed to get her hands untied, got the teen out of the closet and told him to go get help.

Fowler returned and fought with the female. She reportedly grabbed the bat and hit him several times. 

She grabbed a gun, wrapped a shirt around it and grabbed the bat.

She returned to the room where Fowler was. She told police he was standing up.

She reportedly told him, “You are not going to hit me and my son anymore,” and fired the gun. She told police he fell back against the wall and slid down.

Police were called.

Officers report that Fowler was conscious and coherent but declined to make comments. He was airlifted to OU Medical Center for surgery.

The female was treated at Alliance Health for abrasions and swelling to the arms and shoudlers. The teen was treated for multiple stab wounds and lacerations at OU Medical Center. Police report his head was also split open.

Fowler was booked in the county jail on Feb. 26 and is being held on $1 million bond.

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