Newkirk making plans for new fire and police stations

January 12, 2021 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Newkirk city manager Ryan Smykil said he is hopeful the city can soon be constructing a Newkirk Public Safety Center, which would house the fire and police departments.

Smykil said the city has received a donation from the Doug and Sandra Cline Trust for the project.

“The donation would be specifically for the construction of the building,” said Smykil. “I’m very grateful and hopeful that we can bring it to reality.” Smykil said the the topic has been discussed at a number of meetings and that more meetings are to come.

Fire chief Adam Longcrier said the city will be forever grateful for the gift.

“This is a great thing for the city and the two departments,” said Longcrier. “Both the fire and police stations are past their time. We don’t have room to store vehicles and we have ran out of room for administrative items. We are not the small little department anymore. We have grown in both equipment and staff. This is something that has been needed for many years.”

Longcrier said currently the fire department can’t store the two tankers inside and that the trucks have to be drained during the winter because they are setting outside.

“The new station will be big enough to house everything and there will be room for growth,” he said. “I don’t know how you say thanks for something like this.

Longcrier said with out the donation it would have be hard to make this dream a reality. “We were looking at bringing a sales tax proposal to the people but then they decided to give the donation to the city and we are beyond excited and thankful,” said Longcrier.

The last time the city proposed a sales tax concerning city hall and the fire department was in 2014 and the measure was defeated. The safety center will be located in the 100 block of south Maple. Longcrier said the plan is to start doing work in March.

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