One charged in Blackwell Softball Association embezzlement case

December 10, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A status docket is scheduled for Kasey Morgan Cox, 41, Blackwell, in Kay County District Court on Feb. 5.

Cox was charged on Dec. 2 with a felony count of embezzlement.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent Richard Brown reports in the affidavit that Cox is accused of embezzling from the Blackwell Softball Association.

Brown reports that on Aug. 8, the Kay County Sheriff’s Department requested OSBI assistance with the case.

Kasey Morgan Cox

Afton Dederich, president of the BSA, reportedly told deputy Earl Watkins that the BSA held a meeting in August to discuss refunding entry fees because of the season canceled by COVID-19.

Dederich reportedly told Watkins he signed 25 checks and asked Cox, who was treasurer, to use the checks to pay the fees back to parents.

On Oct. 1 Dedrich was notified by Emily Jantz, Stride Bank lending officer, that the BSA account was overdrawn by $600. Dederich researched the problem and reportedly located 11 fraudulent checks, including the ones designated for fee refunds. The checks were reportedly written to Cox, her husband Glenn Cox, who was mayor at the time, and their eight-year-old child.

On Oct. 6, Brown begin investigating and reportedly collected copies of the fraudulent checks that reportedly totaled $12,650. He then interviewed Cox.

She reportedly admitted to writing the checks to her and her family and depositing them into her husband’s account. She reportedly said she used the money to pay bills and buy groceries.

She reportedly told Brown she was guilty and wrong for taking the funds and using them for her own personal use. Cox was booked in the county jail on Dec. 3 and released on $10,000 bond.

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