Warrant issued for Ponca City woman facing second child abuse charge

September 14, 2020 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant is issued for Cari Ann Roberts, 35, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court. 

On Sept. 10 a felony charge of child abuse and a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving were filed against Roberts.

It is the second child abuse case filed against her this year. (see story)

Ponca City police officer Eric Welch reports that on Aug. 20 he responded to the Triple T gas station after receiving a report that Roberts was there and possibly harboring a runaway.

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Welch reports he arrived at the location as Roberts was leaving in a silver vehicle. The vehicle reportedly exited onto Union without stopping and accelerated traveling northbound. 

Cari Ann Roberts

The officer reports that when Roberts reached the Paladin Apartment parking lot, she abruptly turned into it and parked crooked, taking up multiple parking places.

Welch checked the vehicle, which was still running, but Roberts wasn’t in it. He then saw her pop her head up from behind the bushes. Roberts identified herself and told the officer her infant daughter was in the vehicle. The officer checked the vehicle and saw a child sitting in the floorboard of the back of the vehicle behind the center console.

He reports that two carseats in the backseat were flipped upside down and that the 12 month old was screaming with tears.

Roberts reportedly told Welch she was scared of her best friend who she referred to as a liar. She said she had a friend in the car and that she thought he was holding the child when she went to hide in the bushes.

The Department of Human Services was notified.

Roberts was jailed on Aug. 21 on a failure to appear warrant in the other child abuse case. She was released on bond on Aug. 28. A status docket in that case is set for Oct. 2.

The warrant in the new case was issued on Sept. 10 with bond endorsed at $5,000. Anyone with information on Robert’s location is asked to call law enforcement.