Former Ponca City resident publishes book

June 29, 2020 | Featured|Headlines


FORT WORTH, Texas – Former Ponca City resident and 2003 Ponca City High School graduate Tristan Helm has published a book called After Midnight: Finding Your Inner Beauty.

Helm dealt with low self-esteem for a great number of years and was trying to identify with who he was and who he wanted to be. He was raised in a variety of different cultures and backgrounds and always looked up to many other people while struggling to care about himself. 

However, he was able to learn more about himself and became satisfied with where he is and who he was as he tries to improve himself. His passion to help people see their true worth and overcome their obstacles inspired him to write After Midnight: Finding Your Inner Beauty.

The book highlights the pressure society places on women to look a certain way, but it is also applicable to men, who face mounting pressure to adopt a certain appearance. Helm wants to change this perspective and help bring focus on what beauty really is — a state of mind — and how all should present their attitudes and character. It reveals the most important aspects that should be a part of men and women: their integrity, their conscience, their self-esteem, and most significant, their character.

Tristan and Melanie Helm

“This book is not very long for a reason; its principles are simple, and they do not require 300 or more pages to explain,” said Helm. “If you can grasp the concepts in this book, realize their value, and make them a part of your thinking, many things in your life will fall into place. This book will allow you to see your inner beauty, and it will do so by cutting to the chase so you can share the concepts and principles you will find in it with others.”

The publication of After Midnight: Finding Your Inner Beauty aims to remind readers that they are worth everything they want to be, They are men and women who deserve to be loved and treated with dignity and do not have to allow others to dictate how they feel about themselves.

Helm is the son of long time Ponca City residents Wendel and Janice Helm, who now reside in Chandler. Helm lives with his wife Melanie and works in Ft. Worth, Texas as a public speaker and personal mentor.

He has worked in the mental health field for the past 16-yers specializing in habilitation skills with those who are mentally handicapped, incarcerated, mentally ill, or under custody of the state. To contact Helm about scheduling a speaking appearance call 682-233-4636. To order the book click here

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