USDA waives requirements for grab-n-go meals

March 26, 2020 | Headlines

The United States Department of Agriculture has waived the requirement that each child must be in the vehicle or walk-up to receive a grab-and-go meal. 

This waiver in effect now so meals may be collected without the child in the car beginning Friday, March 27. If you have someone in your family who is immune compromised, tell the meal provider how many meals are needed at the pick-up location. 

Superintendent Shelley Arrott said, “Our CNP staff love seeing the kids each day, but we understand if you have concerns. The CNP staff so appreciate the warm smiles and big waves each day. Thanks for those special hand-made thank you notes too. We hope to continue seeing our kids but please take all precautions if you have ill family or ill children. The CNP staff who are preparing and handing out bags are going above and beyond with safety and sanitizing protocol. They are monitoring their health and are all well and healthy.”