Kildare Fire Chief remembers Virgil Brandon

February 19, 2020 | Headlines

KILDARE — Kildare Volunteer Fire Department chief Travis Harris has composed the following in memory of former KVFD chief Virgil Brandon, who died on Feb. 3 after suffering a massive stroke.

“February been a tough month for KVFD and not because of a lot responses but because we lost one of our own. Brandon served the department for nearly 30 years. He was a firefighter and chief.

Virgil Brandon

When I became chief, I ask Virgil to be my Assistant Chief so that he could  help me learn my new job. He inspired others to make improve by encouraging them to learn more things.  

I write this as a memorial and a reminder to help those in need.

In addition to being a firefighter he was a farmer and a cattleman. He took pride in his chosen professions and his community.   When Virgil passed away other things continued to live. As his family, widow Nila, son Charle and daughter Kaycee were planning his celebration of life, neighbors stepped forward to help by feeding and watering cattle and or bringing food to the family. 

Honoring someone shows respect, the old saying “respect your elders” maybe should be changed to “respect everyone.” 

Honoring the dead at a funeral is a way for the living to celebrate the person who is no longer with us. It is a time to share with others the love that they showed others.  

Virgil’s funeral, was standing room only and the procession to the cemetery was one of the longest I have ever seen. It contained a fire apparatus leading, an Honor Guard from Ponca City Fire Department and fire engine carrying the casket.  People truly loved Virgil. He is remembered as a great husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, neighbor and firefighter.  He had his faults as we all do but he was a good guy. 

Now, “How will you be celebrated? Honored? Remembered?”  

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