Warrant remains issued in county jail bomb threat case

January 8, 2020 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant remains issued for Victor Robert Haskins, 52, Newton, Kansas. 

Haskins was charged with a felony count of making threats to injure or intimidate by use of explosives, 14 months after he allegedly called the Kay County Detention Center and placed a bomb threat.

Kay County deputy John Grimes reports in the affidavit that on April 6, 2018, the county jail received a phone in bomb threat from a male caller. The jailer who received the call told Grimes the caller sounded intoxicated and angry. Grimes contacted Verizon about the call and was told the call originated from Halstead, Kan. 

Undersheriff Sean Grigsba contacted Halstead Police. 

A HPD officer investigated and learned that the number belongs to Haskins and that his wife, June Walters, was arrested in Kay County two months earlier on warrants.

The officer said Haskins is a disabled veteran and is in a wheel chair.  Haskins reportedly told the officer he sent his wife money to the jail but that the funds never got to her, so he suggested the jail needed to be demolished and that he would help by supplying the explosives.

Sheriff Steve Kelley obtained a recording of the call in which Haskins reportedly states, “You all just need to tear that raggedy son of a bitch down and start over.”

Grimes spoke to Walters, who was in the jail. She told authorities Haskins is disabled and has no access to explosives. A warrant with bond endorsed at $500 is active for Haskins.

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