Blackwell Police Lt. appears in Kay County District Court

November 25, 2019 | Courts|Featured|Police


NEWKIRK — At least 30 people including some Blackwell city employees showed up at the Kay County Courthouse today to show support for Blackwell police Lt. John Mitchell.

Mitchell was indicted by a multi-county jury last week and now faces a second degree murder charge in the shooting death of 34-year-old Michael Godsey, (pronounced Michelle) on May 20. (see story)

Mitchell appeared with his attorney Gary James before Judge Lee Turner.
Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks is prosecuting the case.
Today his assistant, Caddo County district attorney Amanda Self, appeared for the state. Turner said last week prosecutors requested bond for Mitchell be set at $150,000. “I was reluctant,” said Turner.

Mitchell’s attorney said he filed an application to reduce bond today.
Turner advised Mitchell of his rights. James read information from court documents to the court.

“I want to make sure the record reflects that a private citizen called police on the night of May 20 and reported he was being shot at,” said James. “He had to hide from the shooter. Officers Keith Denton and Kayla Green responded to the scene but Green’s car overheated before she got there. Officers Mitchell and Jay Brewer were called out while Denton was looking for the shooter. When he found her, she had fired at her mother and then at officer Denton. There was an exchange of gunfire. Officer Denton hid by his car and a bullet struck his hood. It is chilling what the shooter said. She said wasn’t going to jail. She fired at the officer blowing out his back window. She left and pursuit ensued.”

James said officers were firing at Godsey when she turned left on 13th Street.

“Both officers (including Mitchell) believed she was coming out of the vehicle shooting and both opened fire. Godsey was struck 10 times and died at the scene. This is the first time I have seen an officer charged for stopping an active shooter. I’m standing here in shock. She was a violent fleeing felon. Everything Mitchell did that night was correct.”

James reviewed a list of achievements and the list of police departments Mitchell has worked for during his 21-year career.

“He was even honored at the VFW Saturday night,” said James. “Looking at his local ties and employment record and the fact he has no passport, I do not believe he is a flight risk. I request bond be $10,000.” James also filed the required request for a preliminary hearing. “I do not believe there will be sufficient evidence for this case to go to trail,” said James.
Self told the court she believes $10,000 bond is too low.

Turner said this is the first case he has done by indictment in all of his years on the bench. “Usually a judge looks to see if it is a solid case and has input from case factors as bonds are to guarantee defendants will appear in court and meant to punish,” said Turner. In this case I do not have an affidavit I only have what counsel said. Turner assigned an own recognizance bond to Mitchell and told him that he would need to report to the county jail for booking.

Lt. John Mitchell makes his way to the Kay County Courthouse. ©
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