Murder indictment filed in Kay County District Court against Blackwell officer

November 22, 2019 | Courts|Police


NEWKIRK — An indictment on second degree murder or in the alternative manslaughter in the first degree is now filed in Kay County District Court against Blackwell police Lt. John Mitchell.

The paperwork was filed today by Stephens County District Attorney Jason M. Hicks. The paperwork states that the Seventeenth Multi-county Grand Jury convened in Oklahoma City, completed its investigation and indicted Mitchell in the death of 24-year-old Michael Godsey, (pronounced Michelle)

Information in the court documents states that Mitchell fired nearly 60 rounds of ammunition from firearms at Godsey displaying imminently dangerous conduct toward Godsey evincing a depraved mind, regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual in violation of Title 21 O.S. § 701.8 and against the peace and dignity of the State of Oklahoma.

Mitchell and other officers were responding to a report of a gunman on May 20. (see story)

An ordering determine venue is filed and the case is currently assigned to Kay County Judge Lee Turner. An affidavit has not been filed with the court clerk’s office as of yet.