Peckham Superintendent’s certificate suspended by State after sexual misconduct allegations

August 22, 2019 | Featured|Headlines


OKLAHOMA CITY — The State Board of Education voted to suspend Peckham’s Superintendent Gary Young’s teaching and superintendent certificate today during an executive session.

The SDE Administrative Complaint filed in the matter shows that the department reports receiving multiple sexual misconduct complaints against Young, including allegations that he sexually assaulted adults and minors, groomed minors for sexual abuse, and unfairly compensated teachers in exchange for sexual relationships. The complaint refers to a situation first reported in 2015, in which a minor accused Young of sexual assault.

According to the paperwork, the minor claimed that a heavily intoxicated Young approached her, and started rubbing her shoulders, kissing her and encouraged her to go to a basement with her. Blackwell police filed a report on the incident on May 20, 2015. No criminal charges have been filed in the matter.

The SDE complaint states that multiple former Peckham students have recounted situations where Young made them feel uncomfortable.
It also states former Peckham staff members have recounted incidents of sexual misconduct by Young.

SDE General Counsel Brad Clark explained today that the application to revoke Young’s certificates will be sent to the president of the Peckham School Board. Clark said the SDE has jurisdiction over the certificates and that within three days the order of emergency suspension will be sent to Young. He said Young is entitled to a hearing.

Clark said if law enforcement investigates and decides not to file charges, it would not necessarily affect the SDE’s decision. “We have the ability to work separate and we can interview witnesses,” said Clark. “We regularly work with law enforcement but can come to different conclusions.”

See the complete Administrative Complaint below.

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