Kay County Sheriff logs April 23 through May 1

May 4, 2019 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Sheriff’s Department.

April 22

  • At 12:55 a.m. the Woodward County Sheriff’s office contacted KSO and reported they were holding Dustin Haskell Chambers, 28, on Kay County warrants and that he was ready for transport.

April 23

  • At 9:19 a.m. Blackwell police contacted KSO and requested warrant checks on Yager Cordell, Charlene Wood, Ravan Cloud, Cory Anson and Michayla Peterson. All were affirmative.
  • At 10:40 p.m. a caller advised he had hit a cow on Highway 177. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol was advised.

April 28

  • At 1:24 p.m. a resident in the 5200 block of west Adobe Road contacted KSO and requested a report on destruction to his residence. The suspects were reported to be juveniles and headed to Arkansas City, Kan. in a black Ford Fusion.
  • At 6:28 p.m. a deputy arrested Michael Davis, 27, on a Jefferson County, Ala. warrant at the intersection of Queens and 14th Street.
  • At 9:01 p.m. a 911 call was transferred to KSO. A male caller reported his ex and her sister broke into his residence, assaulted him with a bat and took his child. A deputy responded and reported the male was not assaulted with a bat, but was bleeding from a cut on the ear. The male decided not to press charges and a report was sent to the district attorney’s office.

April 29

  • A caller contacted KSO at 2:25 p.m. and reported he believes he made contact with an intoxicated driver near Union and Peckham. The caller said a female in a red car was sleeping behind the wheel. He asked what she was doing and she said waiting on a friend. When the caller left, the woman reportedly left at a high rate of speed. Deputies checked the area.
  • At 2:59 p.m. a resident in the 6600 block of west Ferguson contacted KSO about dogs running at large. Deputies advised the dog owners were made aware of the dangerous dog law.
  • At 8:40 p.m. a resident in the 1200 block of N. Prentice Road contacted KSO and reported a stranger had weed eater his yard. The residence said the deed was caught on camera and that he fears the man was casing the residence. Extra patrol was requested.

May 1

  • At 7:54 a.m. KSO received a report of a cow out on Highway 11 before Enterprise Road. Some residents put the cow up. At 8:32 a.m. KSO received a report of cattle out one mile north of Kildare on Trader’s Bend Road.
  • At 9:18 a.m. a deputy arrested Braden Hensley near the Newkirk Coop.
  • At 10:05 a.m. KSO received a report that a large chunk of Highway 77 was missing north of Highway 11. Oklahoma Department of Transportation was notified.
  • At 12:12 p.m. KSO received a report of cows out in the 6100 block of N. Pecan. The cows were put up before a deputy arrived.
  • At 7:03 p.m. KSO received a report from a male at Webb’s Bar reporting his wallet was stolen. A petit larceny report was taken.
  • At 7:06 p.m. a subject called KSO and advised her daughter was hit in the head by her neighbor’s daughter and suffered a “goose egg.” A deputy made contact and advised the pair involved in the incident were ages 4 and 5. Options were given.
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