Trevor Kent bowls 300 at City Tournament

April 26, 2019 | Featured|Sports


PONCA CITY — The 78th Annual Bowling Championships and the 79th Annual Women’s City Bowling Tournament, both sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress, concluded at Ponca Bowl Feb. 17 and featured a 300 game bowled by Trevor Kent, his second at Ponca Bowl in two months.

Jose Garcia won The Top-32 shootout and Lee Smith finished second.

Lee Smith is congratulated by Duane Hunt after finishing second in the Top 32 at Ponca Bowl.
Jose Garcia is congratulated by Duane Hunt after winning the Top32 Shootout at Ponca Bowl.

Kiley Belair and Tony Garcia tied for first place in the singles handicapped competition with a score of 720 followed by Ramsey with a score of 710.

In women’s competition held Feb. 9-10, Erin Mercer and Carisa Gelino won the doubles handicapped competition with a score of 1,456 followed by Staci Adams and Linda Buford with a score of 1,427; Rhonda McCormack and Jennifer Johnson with a score of 1,418, and Sharon Rowen and Tammy Pace with a score of 1,412.

Rowen won the singles Division 1 handicapped competition with a score of 750 followed by Doris Lambert with a score of 731 and Adams with a score of 730.

Robin Cnossen won the All Events Scratch competition with a score of 1,715 followed by Elaine Costello, 1,495; Beth Bohon, 1,478; Lambert, 1,436; Fae Rabb 1,412; Tammy Mathews, 1,410; Terri Terry, 1,380; Pace, 1,376; Mary Quiram, 1,375; Sharon Hunt, 1,357 and Rowen with a score of 1,351.

Adams won the All Events Handicapped competition followed by Johnson, Gelino, Lambert, Quiram, Rowen, Mercer, Cnossen, Bohon, and Hunt.

Trevor Kent displays his 300 Ring earned at Ponca Bowl. Kent has thrown two perfect games at the facility since Jan. He also earned two plaques in Metro League competition.
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