Tonkawa residents asked to refrain from water usage

February 21, 2021 | Headlines

TONKAWA— The City of Tonkawa is requesting citizens help as crews continue to battle water line breaks.

In a message issued via Nixle, officials asked that residents use water for emergencies only as the town’s water supply is at a critical level. Therefore refrain from using dishwashers, laundry machines, bathtubs, showers, flushing, etc. 

Officials are also asking that citizens look for flooded portions of their yards, crawl spaces, basements, or anything that resembles a line break. City officials report that there are several main and line breaks in the system which is not allowing water levels to catch up, therefore the city is losing more water than it is gaining.

Residents are asked to look at water pressure as most should currently have low water pressure.  But if water trickles out or fails to come out at all, notify the city so that the crews can be dispatched to look at the meter and survey the area. The Water Department has a large area to search for breaks and the melting snow is making it more difficult.

Those who need to notify crews about water issues are asked to call the Tonkawa Police Department at 580 628-2516. DO NOT call 911 to report water issues.