Kay County warrant list 2019-20

January 21, 2021 | Courts|Featured|Police

NEWKIRK — According to the Oklahoma District Court Records Network, the following residents have active warrants.

District Attorney Brian Hermanson encourages those with warrants to resolve the issue. “The resolving of any warrants as soon as possible is something that everyone should do,” he said. “If you came in contact with law enforcement, whether for a speeding ticket, a faulty light, or for any other reason, the officer or deputy will check to see if you have an outstanding warrant. If you do you will be taken to jail immediately and held until either bond is posted or until you can appear before a judge. If you arrested on a weekend that might mean you spend the weekend in jail. Please take care of any outstanding warrant immediately. After you are arrested is way too late.”


Anyone with information on the location of subjects with warrants are encouraged to contact law enforcement.

Those with warrants issued as of Jan. 21 include:

Ryan Joshua Butler, 24, Kileen, Texas, lewd molestation.

Ryan Joshua Butler

Timothy Dewayne Leister, 40, Ponca City, felony count of assault and battery on police officer and three misdemeanor charges. (see related story)

Quaderious Keyon Lyles, 21, Phenix City, Ala., felony count of unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

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Braden Louis Washa, 22, Ponca City, falsely personating another to create liability.

Tori Louise Allie, 25, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Timothy Michael Hall, 31, Ponca City, animal cruelty.

Timothy Michael Hall

Clifford Brandon Kerby, 37, Wichita, Kan., unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Angela Marie McCauley, 49, Ponca City, grand larceny. (see story)

James Paul Pomerantz, 31, Wichita, Kan., child abuse by injury. (see story)

David James Soutter IV, 33, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.


Cody Lee Wells, 32, Ponca City, knowingly concealing stolen property.

Crystal Elizabeth Alley, 35, Choctaw, possession of a stolen vehicle.

Clint Jaren Armstrong, 36, Tonkawa, domestic assault and battery.

Clint Jaren Armstrong

Troy Wayne McCoy, 53, possession of firearms after a conviction or during probation. (see story)

Timothy David McKay, 52, Ponca City, grand larceny. (see story)

Stephanie Joe Mehojah, 32, Norman, larceny of a vehicle.

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Joshua Donald Pursley, 29, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liablilty.

George Charles Schroeder, 24, Ponca City, DUI third felony.

John Adam Haley, 27, Brighton, Colo., assault and battery on an EMT. (see story)

Travis Randolph Penton, 30, Oklahoma City, possession of firearms.

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Victor Robert Haskins, 52, Newton, Kan., making threats to injure or intimidate by use of explosives. (see story)

Jalen Jason Haywood, 25, feloniously pointing a firearm.

Joshua Wilson Jamerson, 31, Oklahoma City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Laquez Antonio Lancaster, 27, Ponca City, arson.

Laquez Antonio Lancaster

Kaylin Marie Nichols, 25, Arkansas City, Kan. third degree burglary.

Kelsey Lee Nichols, 29, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Tyrus James Washington, 26, Ponca City, first degree robbery.

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Justin Edward Fletcher, 37, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Justin Edward Fletcher

Allek Zander Ford, 26, Oklahoma City, burglary. (see story)

Christopher Austin Keelin, 29, Ponca City, burglary.

Aleksandr Kirichenko, 32, New Orleans, La., endangering others while eluding. (see story)

Christian Robert Lewellen, 38, Denver, DUI, second and subsequent charge.

Angelia Rania Pemberton, 25,  Stillwater, taking receiving stolen credit or debit card.

Angelia Rania Pemberton

Brooklyn Dale Stewart, 29, Ponca City.

Brooklyn Dale Stewart

Christy Daniella Blackburn, 41, Ponca City, DUI.

Garrett Kent Michael Bonewell, 25, Blackwell, aggravated assault and battery.

Angelica Rose Castillo, 22, Ponca City, child neglect. (see story)

Rhea Ashlie Cochran, 30, Arkansas City, Kan., possession of a CDS.

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Landon Erick Laird, 25, Ponca City, second degree burglary.

Landon Erick Laird

Kyle Ashton Lindsey, 39, Ponca City, identity theft.

Kayla Hope Reeder, 29, Tonkawa, failure to register as a sex offender.

Vincente Dwight Warrior, 25, Tonkawa, domestic assault and battery.

Bradford Amos Cody Jr., 35, Lehigh, Kan., knowingly receiving stolen property.

Diane Clairene Cries For Ribs, 33, possession of contraband.

Hunter Michael Noble, 20, Ponca City, possession of stolen vehicle.

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Vanessa Ann Norvell, 26, Ponca City, child abuse.

Albert Lee Perry, 76, Ponca City, lewd or indecent acts to a child under 12.

Dylan Lee Pruett, 24, possession of a CDs with intent to distribute.

Joshua Blu Schlecht, 36, Arkansas City, Kan. grand larceny.

Alfred Berry Wellington, 62, Casa Grande, Arizona. Larceny of an automobile and eluding police.

Kyle James Cox, 34, Ponca City, assault on a correctional officer.

Rex Allen Thomas, 41, Ponca City, actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Dejuan Raymond Wiliams, 30, Ponca City, assault and battery.

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Harley Ernest Zornes, 28, Blackwell, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Isaiah Paul Blueback, 33, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Nicole Leigh Boone, 30, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Joshua Tanner Brownnell, 30, Ponca City, burglary.

John Wayne Covey, 55, Enid, second degree forgery.

Phillip Warren Fowler, 37, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

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Lorie Ann Powell, 51, DUI of drugs.

Lorie Ann Powell

Thomas Edward Spears, 40, Ponca City, distribution of controlled substance.

Brian Anthony Michael Thomas, 31, Wichita, Kan., concealing stolen property.

Ted Gene Bollinger, 40, Marlow, endangering others while eluding police. (see story)

Heather Dawn Carwee, 32, Winfield, Kan. unlawful possession of controlled drug.

Shawn Ray Jones, 43, Shidler, bail jumping.

Jennifer Lynn Primeaux, 38, Costa Mesa, Calif. Harboring a fugitive.

David Arlen Williams, 39, Costa Mesa, Calif. harboring a fugitive.

Nicholas Mark Columbo, 38, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Tniele Rose Delodge, 22, Ponca City, child abuse. (see story)

Adam Troy Dickson, 40, Ponca City, possession of contraband by inmate.

Mickey Ray Hutchison, 26, Ponca City, possession of a firearm.

Myrna Jean LeClair, 39, Ponca City, child abuse by injury. (see story)

Christine Others, 26, Stillwater, bringing contraband into jail. (see story)

Justin Daniel Page, 39, DUI of drugs.

Jeremy Gene Snyder, 37, Stillwater, protective order violation.

Rex Allen Thomas, 41, Ponca City, child endangerment.


Julianna Rashell Garroutte, 33, Ponca City, child abuse. (see story)

Brittany Nicole Martin, 30, Arkansas City, Kan., domestic abuse.

Jenna Leigh Moncayo, 34, Katy, Texas.

Christopher Wayne Nickles, 47, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

Emanuel Terence Smith, 54, Oklahoma City, concealing stolen property.

 Royce Verlin Wooten Jr., 57, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Joshua Tanner Brownell, 30, Ponca City, concealing stolen property.

Bradley Austin Butter, 32, Ponca City, child endangerment permitting abuse. (see story)

Justin Lane Coffey, 29, Ponca City, first degree rape.

Justin Lane Coffey

Dakota Michael Huff, 23, Winfield, Kan., burglary.

Joyce Jolene Mayse, 39, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Christina Rose Montgomery, 23, Ponca City, larceny and indecent exposure.

Angela Michell Myers, 46, Tuttle, conspiracy.

Shane Lee Stout, 38, Blackwell, failure to register as a sex offender.

Leah Ann Warrior, 42, Tonkawa, elder abuse.

Wiliam Anthony Williams, 35, Wewoka, uttering a forged instrument.

Dynell Dyson, 21, Mount Hermon, La., possession of stolen vehicle.

Ryan Maurice Miller, 34, Ponca City, drug charges and domestic abuse.

Amie Jo Sumner, 39, Ponca City, child neglect.

Marlena Dawn Brown, 25, Tonkawa, child abuse.

George Matthew Buffalohead, 40, Tonkawa, domestic abuse.

Cameron Jacob Enox, 26, Shidler, possession of a firearm. (see related story)

Kevin John Gormley, 44, Blackwell, possession of a firearm.

Travis Patrick Grimm, 49, Ponca City, cruelty to animals.

Travis Patrick Grimm

Robert Martin Jr., 40, Ponca City, drug charges.

Corey K. Brownlee, 39, Ponca City, larceny.

Manuel Juan Caldera Jr., 52, Moore, forgery.

Dale Lee Claxton, 45, Ponca City, burglary.

Donald Lional Crombie, 56, Blackwell, possession of a firearm.

Darian Hope Cutler, 26, Pawhuska, concealing stolen property.

Charles Gerald Day, 40, Tulsa, possession of meth.

Alexis Gallegos, 26, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Samuel Luke Hightower, 30, Ponca City, possession of stolen vehicle.

Piper Mya Angelina M. Ingram, 41, Seminole, obtaining property by fraud.

Christoper Dale Kerstein, 42, Covington, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Paula Sue Lablue, 40, Blackwell, burglary.

Kyle Lee Lawson, 40, Ponca City, kidnapping.

Carlos Javier Lopez, 40, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Cherrves Defloyd Orange, 23, Spencer, uttering a forger instrument. (see story)

Emily Jean Owings-Sindt, Enid, conspiracy.

Eric Thomas Palmer, 27, Ponca City, burglary.

Curtis Grant Rhodd, 33, Ponca City, assault.

Christy Renee Rhotenberry, 34, Blackwell, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Lesley Robinson, 43, Enid, conspiracy.

Summer Louise Soloman, 34, Duncan, burglary.

Harvey Gene Stotts Jr., 24, Kingfisher, falsely personate another.

Alexander Charles Thomas, 31, Ponca City, larceny of an automobile.

Vanessa Ann Wilson, 42, Ponca City, burglary.

Derek Austin Yahola, 27, Ponca City, assault.

Delane Black, 26, Ponca City, child neglect.

Leah Shea Cheramie, 36, Stillwater, bail jumping.

Dale Lee Claxton, 45, Ponca City, burglary.

Devon Thulani Dillard, 19, Wichita, Kan.

Devon Thulani Dillard

Sara Diane McCoy, 43, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Justin Allen Orndoff, 30, Kingfisher, bail jumping.

Shanna Faye Stallman, 30, Ponca City, assault and battery.

Deborah Kay Waterman, 57, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Jacob Rodolfo Aguirre, 29, Wichita, Kan., burglary.

Nataia Angelica Michael, 28, Wichita, Kan. burglary.

Caleb William Odell, 20, Newkirk, domestic assault.

Katarina Passow, 29, Winfield, Kan., child neglect.

Summer Speir, 23, McAlester, child neglect.

Ricardo Magana Viveros, 27, burglary.

Bradley Joe Wilson, 33, Ponca City, possession of a firearm.

Michael John Allen, 38, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Sean Michael Barnard, 41, Blackwell, forcing a child under 16 to view obscene materials. (see story)

Delarick Willam Evans, 45, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Cesar Hernandez, 42, Wichita, Kan., sexual battery. (see story)

Murray Otter King, 20, Ponca City, possession of a firearm after adjudication as a delinquent child.

Joey Dorrell Miller, 47, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Joey Dorrell Miller

Phillip Warren Fowler, 37, Ponca City, protective order violation.

Melissa Ann Fox, 30, Ponca City, Blackwell, conspiracy.

Katie L. Harjo, 33, Tonkawa, child neglect.

Aaron Ashton Keith Holt, 25, attempted burglary in the third degree.

Ryan Leroy Jolly, 38, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Christian Nathaniel Olson, 21, Ponca City, burglary.

Darin Lee Petty, 54, Ponca City, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Alesha Erin Sroufe, 32, Ponca City, child neglect.


Alton Gene Bagby, 56, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Meghan Berry, 30, child neglect.

Baptiste Emerson Boice, 37, Pawnee, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Timothy Douglas Brown, 41, Enid, assault and battery.

Justin Alan Burton, 40, Ponca City, unlawful removal of a dead body.

Cory Michael Elliott, 30, Ponca City, possession of a CDS.

Cleo Wayne Gattenby, assault and battery.

Jeremy Paul Haley, 29, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Dalton Levi Hollis, 54, Ponca City, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Destiny Mieshia Livingstone, 37, Wichita, Kan. child neglect.

Brionna Paige Stoner, 22, first degree burglary.

Shaloo Nolan Thicknail, 39, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Christian N. Vice, 21, third degree.

Joseph Warren Wiley, 33, Tulsa, conspiracy.

Darrick Adam Willis, 34, Newkirk, bail jumping.

Kenneth Jacob Witte, 34, Dewey, possession stolen vehicle.

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