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January 14, 2021 | Headlines

PONCA CITY — Ponca City School Board members were honored Monday during their regular scheduled meeting.

Superintendent Shelley Arrott highlighted each member’s service to the district including the late David Kinkaid, who died on Dec. 30.

“On Dec. 30 we lost one of our own,” said Arrott. “He was elected to the board in 2006 and was a Wildcat to the core. He loved everything about PCPS, our people, students, parents employees, board members, and everyone was David’s best friend.”

Superintendent Shelley Arrott shares kind words and memories about the late David Kinkaid.

“I have to tell you he would let me have it when he thought I needed it but afterwards he would say ‘I love you honey,’ and I would say, ‘I know David.’ He is the most loyal wildcat that there will probably ever be. He really loved our district and will be our forever Wildcat and we will miss him greatly. Rest in peace David we all love you.”

Current board members Robin Riley, elected to the board in 2012; Don Nuzum, elected in 1999; Nancy Zimmershied, elected in 2017, and Judy Throop, elected in 2004, were also honored.

“During a typical year, whatever that is, these men and women bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table,” said Arrott.

“They question, bring ideas, offer suggestions from different perspectives and vantage points, and they challenge me to grow as a leader. These folks make a five-year commitment when elected to the Board and spend countless, volunteer hours serving this district and attending PCPS events. There are many additional hours of behind-the-scenes work other than the typical two-hour BOE meeting the second Monday of each month. However, this year is certainly not normal and has presented unbelievable challenges, yet they continue to serve. The safety of our staff and students is of highest priority, while continuing to support our students’ academic and emotional well-being during a pandemic. There are no easy decisions as of late, but our Board spends long hours making thoughtful and deliberate decisions to best serve our students. Just like everyone else, our BOE Members certainly cannot make everyone happy, and they have to endure the discord that is so polarizing during this pandemic. It’s been a tough year on them too, but they continue to serve. We appreciate their commitment and hard work. Their tireless efforts play a significant role in the continuing success of our students. They are truly wonderful assets to the District and I admire and applaud each of them.” 

To watch a video of the entire board meeting click here

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