Autumn leaf collection begins

January 14, 2021 | Headlines

PONCA CITY  — The City of Ponca City’s Residential Autumn Leaf Collection has begun and will end on Feb. 5. The City is asking residents who wish to have their leaves removed to please follow these guidelines: 

• Bagged leaves, placed in the regular refuse collection area, will be collected free of charge. Bagged leaves will be picked up at the rate of 10 bags per pickup day. 

• Bagged leaves may be collected by special pick-up anytime of the year by calling Solid Waste at 580-767-0411. 

Special pickups carry a minimum charge of $39.09. 

Other options to consider for getting rid of leaves include safely using a lawnmower to mulch leaves into the yard or using leaves as backyard compost for next spring’s plantings.

Do not place compost enclosures in the alley right-of-way, so alleyways are not blocked for utility access. 

Loose leaves (non-containerized) will not be collected at this time.

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