New social media app for City of Ponca City available

January 12, 2021 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY  — Craig Stephenson, city manager of Ponca City, told city commissioners Monday that a social media application is now available in the App Store.

“It basically provides good information on the city,” said Stephenson. “If you go to the app store on your phone it should pop up.”

Another highlight of the meeting, is the fact that the new Northern Oklahoma Regional Animal Care Facility becomes operational on Jan. 19. Stephenson said the animal control staff will close at noon Jan. 15 to relocate to the new facility, located on Hubbard Road.

City crews continue to collect ice storm debris. Stephenson said crews are working in sections 10 and 11. “They should be moving to the east side of town next week,” said Stephenson. “So far 18,331 cubic yards of debris have been removed.”

Stephenson reminds all that Christmas Tree Recycling ends on Jan. 20.

Stephenson told commissioners that city staff met with the Kay County Health Department to help with logistics connected to the delivering of the COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Now if you have an 11 a.m. appointment, you can show up 10 minutes early and not before that or we will send you back to your car,” said Stephenson. “Last week some people showed up two hours early. The shot goes really fast but then you have a 15 minute wait time. We have limited space and I believe it will go smoother this week.”

Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 18 is a city holiday.

Residential refuse will not be picked up. The Ponca City Landfill, Ponca City Library, Marland’s Grand Home, Marland Mansion and Estate, and Ponca City Senior Center will be closed Monday, January 18. The Lew Wentz Golf Course and Ponca City RecPlex will be open Monday, Jan. 18. 

Stephenson said city commissioners will meet with city management and departments on April 19 and 20 to discuss the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget. 

“At this point we hope to be in session and meet,” said Stephenson. “There is some char on the state level about virtual meetings.”

Rob Dick, Assistant to the Director of Public Works, presented the City of Ponca City’s Snow and Ice Control Manual.   “We will plow only on the major streets,” said Dick. “We don’t plow residential drives and ask that residents not throw the snow back out in the street.”

Snow and ice removal routes are based on the following priorities: Major arterials; Secondary arterials; Business district, and schools. 

Snow and ice control guidelines state that snow is plowed only on major streets. Snow will not be plowed on residential streets. Property owners are responsible for clearing their driveways and sidewalks. A snow/sand mixture will be applied to dry road surfaces in anticipation of snow or ice and the intensity of the storm and time of day may provide for a change in the established priorities. 

Commissioners conducted a public hearing and voted to accept Contract No. 17591 Community Development Block Grant complete. 

Three projects were completed within this contract, including Home Buyers Assistance, Special Services, and Phase II Marland’s Grand Home Improvements. The total amount expended for these projects was $261,577.30, expending $60,000 for Homebuyer Assistance, $66,567 for Special Services with a personnel match of $6,722.30, and $128,288 for Phase II Marland’s Grand Home Improvements. Home Buyers Assistance was provided 18 times, resulting in 52 people being served. Special Services projects included three electrical service upgrades/repairs, eight sewer/gas/water line replacements, three furnace replacements, and one tree limb removal project, resulting in 32 people being served. Phase II Marland’s Grand Home improvements included the perimeter stone water table on all four sides of the main house, not including the sunroom portion. The scope also included the north and south stone porch bases, as well as the long stone planters that reside on the porches between each post. It should be noted that total funding for Phase II Marland’s Grand Home was through CDBG Construction – Buildings ($46,220), Marland’s Grand Home ($11,000), and Capital Improvement Projects – Marland’s Grand Home ($71,068), of which the Friends of Marland’s Grand Home funded $38,174.

Under new business, the Board of Commissioners voted to approve the Hazard Mitigation Assistance State-Local Agreement FEMA-DR-4438 HGMP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) in the amount of $90,000. The City of Ponca City prepared and submitted a grant application for the update of its Hazard Mitigation Plan to the OEM (Oklahoma Emergency Management) utilizing the HMGP. HMGP funds are available to counties when a Presidentially-declared disaster is declared in Oklahoma. The HMGP grant application for the plan update has been approved by the OEM and Federal Emergency Management Administration in the amount of $90,000 in federal funds with a 25 percent local match of $30,000, which will be met through in-kind personnel costs. The City has waived its right to request subrecipient management costs, as the match for this project will be personnel costs in administering this project. An update to the Hazard Mitigation Plan is required every five years, so that the City of Ponca City may continue to access HMGP funds for all mitigation type activities. Examples of past mitigation type activities utilizing HMGP funds include the Individual Safe Room Project, Property Acquisition Projects, Weather Radio Project, and Public Safety Center Generator Project.

The Board of Commissioners also voted to approve all unit price bids submitted by various contractors for items of work performed for sidewalk maintenance through June 30, 2021. The Sidewalk Maintenance Program is funded through the ½-cent Street Improvement Sales Tax. Since 2012, $1.43 million has been spent on standalone sidewalk projects. The Sidewalk Maintenance Program was created in 2016 to provide a quicker response to requests for smaller sidewalk maintenance needs. To date, $272,290 of sidewalk maintenance projects have been completed under this program, including 5,947 LF of sidewalks and 78 new ramps. Sidewalk projects have ranged from 10 LF to 915 LF in length, with an average length of 248 LF.

At the beginning of the meeting, commissioners shared comments concerning positivity. Mayor Homer Nicholson said we are living through some very challenging times and that we should all hang on and be ready for the ride.

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