PCPS mourns loss of board member Dr. David Kinkaid

December 31, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY  — The Ponca City Public School district is grieving the loss of PCPS Board of Education member Dr. David Kinkaid, who died on Dec. 30 after a battle with COVID-19.

Dr. Kinkaid was elected to the school board in 2006, representing Ward No.4.  Fellow board member Robin Riley called Kinkaid one of his best friends.

David Kinkaid

“He was an icon,” said Riley. “He was a 5-sport letterman in high school and he always put animals first,” said Riley. “We would go to out of town football games and someone would call about an animal and he would meet them at the vet clinic in the middle of the night when we got back to town.”

Riley said Kinkaid went through school and college with out reading a book. “I asked him how he accomplished that and  he told me that he listened hard, took great notes and went home and did his homework.”

PCPS Superintendent Shelley Arrott said the district is saddened over the loss.

“David was a Wildcat to the core,” she said.  “He loved our school district, our students, parents, and every employee. As most people know, he was a compassionate, selfless person and would do anything for anyone. As a veterinarian, he obviously loved animals and made himself available day and night for any animal in need. Dr. Kinkaid also had this uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world, and everyone was important to him.”  

Kinkaid graduated 13th in his high school class. Riley said Kinkaid’s most endearing experience was being a member of the Youth Traffic Court. 

“He had quite the stories to tell about his own experiences serving as a judge and a member of this group, and he told them with sheer delight,” said Riley. “Without doubt, David was a huge advocate for students in the classroom, but he was very passionate about all our student activities whether it be athletics, fine arts, or any club or organization.”

Kinkaid is credited with being instrumental in ensuring our students had the best facilities, coaches, directors, sponsors, resources, and opportunities for a well-rounded school experience. 

“Dr. Kinkaid was loved by so many in our community,” said Arrott. “He was a great mentor and made a lasting impact on many, especially the youth.”  “Ponca City has lost a beloved citizen, and we have lost a dear member of Team PCPS. Please pray for peace and comfort for his family first and foremost, as well as his friends, community members, and our school family as we grieve the loss of this amazing person. David Kinkaid was the epitome of a Ponca City Wildcat. He will be our FOREVER Wildcat.”  

PCPS spokeswoman Mary Ladd said the board will do interviews to fill the board vacancy until an election is held to fill the board vacancy until 2024.

Ponca City School attorney Gary Bracken administers the oath of office to David Kinkaid as then board member Lana Jones watches.