Kay County’s active COVID-19 case count is 324

November 21, 2020 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY —  The Oklahoma State Department of Health most current COVID-19 case count is 170,924 cases across the state, an increase of 3,663.

The state death toll is 1,624, an increase of 21.

Kay County is tied for 17th in the state in the number of deaths reported with 22 which includes 13 Ponca City residents, three Tonkawa residents, three Blackwell residents and one each in Newkirk and Kaw City. No city was listed for the 17th death. The first Tonkawa death was a resident of the Willow Haven Nursing Home.

Noble County has reported four deaths, a Perry man in the 65 or older age category; a Perry woman in the 65 or older age category; a Billings resident and a Red Rock resident identified as female in the 65 or older age category. 

Osage County has 18 reported deaths.

Grant County  has three reported deaths, a female resident of Deer Creek in the 65 or older age category and two Wakita residents including a female in the 65 or older category.

The last report from the White House Coronavirus Taskforce, dated Nov. 15, states that Oklahoma is in the “Red Zone” indicating 101 or more new cases per 100,000 population with the 21st highest rate in the country.

To read the full report click here. https://coronavirus.health.ok.gov/sites/g/files/gmc786/f/oklahomawhitehousereport11152020.pdf

Kay County ranks 32nd in the state in the number of cases reports with1,513 as 48 new cases are reported.

Included in the count are: 180 cases, in Blackwell an increase of 11 and 43 are active; Braman, three reported cases, one active case. Kaw City, 26 reported cases, one active. Newkirk, 133 reported cases, 28 active. Ponca City, 1,083 reported cases, an increase of 42, and 236 are active. Tonkawa, 110 cases, 15 active.

On Thursday the Ponca City School Board voted to close schools and begin distance learning. Data provided to the board included COVID-19 information from Alliance Health. (see story)

Ponca City officials have created public service announcements asking everyone to wash hands, social distance and wear a mask.

The PSAs can be viewed on the City’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/City-of-Ponca-City-OK-115761141785634

Blackwell Public Schools have started posting at COVID-19 updates.


Newkirk public schools has postponed the National Honor Society Induction scheduled for Nov. 15.


The latest COVID-19 information from Ponca City Schools can be viewed at https://www.pcps.us/

Tonkawa Public School COVID-19 information can be found here.


Some of the Ponca City cases have been reported on the Osage County side and other cases have been reported in rural Kay County. 

As of Nov. 19 there have been 52 cases reported at Kay County Nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic, 48 of those are considered recovered. Fourteen of the cases have been reported at Ponca Nursing, 13 recovered. One case at Shawn Manor, recovered. Six cases at Via Christi Village, five recovered. Two cases at Creekside Village, both recovered.

One at Hillcrest Manor in Blackwell, listed as recovered and 26 cases at Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa, 24 recovered and one death.

Osage County ranks 20th in the state for the number of cases report with 1,822. That number includes 14 reported cases in Burbank, two active. Fairfax has reported 49 cases, four active, and Shidler, 16, five active.

Noble County’s case count is 364. Billings, 48 reported cases, 20 active; Marland, 16 cases, five active; Morrison, 50 cases, nine active; Perry, 145 reported cases, 28 active; Red Rock’s case count is 87, 15 active. 

There have been 187 reported cases in Grant County which includes eight cases in Deer Creek, four active. Lamont, 15 reported cases, three active. Medford 53 reported cases, 12 active. Nash 15 reported cases, one active. Pond Creek has 66 cases reported,17 active and 23 cases in Wakita, one active. Deer Creek has one reported death and Wakita has two.

In Cowley County 1,267 cases have been reported and 14 deaths as two more deaths were recently reported at an assisted living center in Ark City. 

The Cowley County Health Department is also warning residents of a phone scam that warns of COVID-19 exposure