Information provided at board meeting shows Alliance Health preparing for surge

November 20, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY  — Ponca City School Board members voted Thursday to begin virtual learning at all schools across the PCPS school district during a one-hour special meeting.

Minutes taken at the meeting show that board members David Kinkaid, Don Nuzum, Robin Riley were present and that Judy Throop and Nancy Zimmerschied were absent. Superintendent Shelley Arrott provided current COVID-19 data and Executive Director of Human Resources Curtis Layton shared medical data including data relating specifically to Alliance Health.

Data obtained and provided by Layton shows that 48 percent of patients in the hospital are COVID-19 related and that eight out of the 10 critical care unit beds are in use by COVID-19 patients. The data indicates that there has been difficulty moving COVID-19 patients to other facilities and that the hospital is prepping for a surge.

After discussion, Kinkair, Nuzum, and Riley voted to approve a motion made by Nuzum to move learning to virtual and cancel all extra-curricular activities including practices until Dec. 18.

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