Tonkawa reports first COVID-19 death, Kay County’s active case count reaches 248

November 14, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY —  The Oklahoma State Department of Health most current COVID-19 case count is 150,205 cases across the state, an increase of 2,847.

The state death toll is 1,516 an increase of 23, including the 20th death in Kay County, a resident of Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa.

On Friday, the 19th death in Kay County was reported, a female resident of Blackwell in the 65 or older age bracket, and the third death was reported, in Grant County, a female resident of Wakita in the 65 or older age bracket.

The current death toll across the state includes 20 deaths in Kay County, 13 Ponca City residents, three Blackwell residents and one each in Newkirk and Kaw City, and Tonkawa.  The last three deaths reported in Kay County were all men in the 65 or older age category. One was from Ponca City, one from Blackwell and there is no city listed for the 17th death.

Ponca City is tied for 19th in the state in COVID-19 deaths among cities and Kay County is ranked 21st among counties.

Noble County has reported three deaths, a Perry man in the 65 or older age category; a Billings resident and a Red Rock resident identified as female in the 65 or older age category. 

Osage County has 17 reported deaths.

Grant County now has three reported deaths, a female resident of Deer Creek in the 65 or older age category and two Wakita residents including a female in the 65 or older category.

The latest report from the White House Coronavirus Taskforce, which is now five days old, refers to the COVID-19 spread in the state as “unyielding” and reports Oklahoma to be in the red zone for cases.

The report states, “The unyielding COVID spread across Oklahoma continues with new hospital admissions, inpatients, and patients in the ICU at record levels, indicating deeper spread across the state. The most recent trends, showing steep inclines across all indicators, need immediate action
including mask requirements to decrease severity in morbidity and mortality among Oklahomans.” 

To read the full report click here.

Kay County ranks 32nd in the state in the number of cases reports with 1,214 as 30 new cases are reported.

Included in the count are: 135 cases in Blackwell, 40 active; Braman, two reported cases, one active case. Kaw City, 24 reported cases, five active. Newkirk, 113 reported cases, 28 active. Ponca City, 862 reported cases, 159 active. Tonkawa, 88 cases, 15 active.

Blackwell officials have reported that the Youth Center is closed today and will be closed on Nov. 17. Also,  the soccer season is canceled because of COVID-19 concerns. 

Blackwell Public Schools have started posting at COVID-19 updates.

Newkirk public schools has postponed the National Honor Society Induction scheduled for Nov. 15.

Ponca City Schools reports that the Nov. 12 Kay County COVID-19 Alert System Risk Level shows that the 7-day average number of new COVID-19 cases, per capita of 100,000, reflects an increase. Kay County moved from Level Orange 2 Moderate Risk + to Level Red High Risk with an increase from 27.9 to 68.6.  The increase in Kay County cases made an impact on Po-Hi, however the school moved to virtual learning on Nov. 11. In-person Instruction will continue the week of November 16-20 at all sites, with the exception of Po-Hi. No other site in the district has experienced a surge of cases. 

The latest COVID-19 information from Ponca City Schools can be viewed at

Tonkawa Public School COVID-19 information can be found here.

RCB Bank announced Friday that beginning Nov. 18, lobbies will be open by appointment only.

Some of the Ponca City cases have been reported on the Osage County side and other cases have been reported in rural Kay County. 

There have been 52 cases reported at Kay County Nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic, 45 of those are considered recovered and once case resulted in death. As of Nov. 12, 14 cases have been reported at Ponca Nursing, 12 recovered.

One case at Shawn Manor, recovered.  Six cases at Via Christi Village, five recovered. Two cases at Creekside Village, both recovered. One at Hillcrest Manor in Blackwell, listed as recovered and 26 at Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa, 22 recovered and one death.

Osage County ranks 20th in the state for the number of cases report with 1,647. That number includes 14 reported cases in Burbank, four active. Fairfax has reported 47 cases, nine active, and Shidler, 12, two active.

Noble County’s case count is 306 which includes: Billings, 39 reported cases, 21 active; Marland, nine cases, four active; Morrison, 43 cases, eight active; Perry, 124 reported cases, 35 active; Red Rock’s case count is 76, 15 active. 

There have been 157 reported cases in Grant County which includes four cases in Deer Creek, two active. Lamont, 13 reported cases, two active. Medford 41 reported cases, nine active. Nash 15 reported cases, one active. Pond Creek has 57 cases reported, 13 active and 21 cases in Wakita, one active. Deer Creek has one reported death and Wakita has two.

In Cowley County 989 cases have been reported and 12 deaths. The latest death is the third one reported at an assisted living center in Ark City. Many schools are doing remote learning.

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