Ponca City woman charged with child abuse

October 13, 2020 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant is issued for Chelsea Lane Long, 34, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court.

Long is facing a felony charge of child abuse. Ponca City police report in the affidavit that Long is accused of grabbing a child by the throat at least two times.

Cpl. Bryce Shelton responded to the call. The reporting party told police she found Long passed out on the couch and a child crying. The caller told police when Long woke up she was agitated and seemed impaired and that she reportedly grabbed a child by the throat because the child was crying. The witness told police Long threw her out when she intervened.

Shelton made contact with Long who denied grabbing the child by the throat. He reports Long was extremely agitated and hostile and seemed intoxication. The officer reports that the child had redness and scratches on the throat area. The father reportedly told police the scratches were from a kitten. Long reportedly admitted to Shelton that she had consumed one beer and that she takes Xanax.

Bond for Long is endorsed at $2,500. Anyone with information on Long’s location is asked to call police.

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