County Commissioner Godberson gives update on Duke Energy Wind Farm

October 13, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Kay County Commissioner Jack Godberson said today that he recently visited with Dave Hazel, project manger for Duke Energy about the Frontier II Wind Farm project.

Godberson said that 42 of the 74 tower sites have been completed.

“This past Saturday one of the two 500 ton cranes was tracked across River Road east of Newkirk to finish erecting those sites north and east of Newkirk.”

Godberson said the remaining 500 ton crane lacks two tower sites of being finished at the far south end of the project.

“This crane will then be completely dismantled and moved to the far north end of the project and reassembled. The sole purpose of these two cranes now are to set the last two sections of the towers and to set the power cell and hub.”

Godberson said the two items together weigh over 400,000 pounds.

“These cranes will have this work completed in the next two weeks at which time they will be dismantled and hauled to Texas.”

Godberson said there are two smaller cranes which also have over 400 feet of boom. They will place the blades to the already placed cell hubs.

“Each of these blades are 240 feet long and weighs just over 40,000 pounds.”

Godberson said the blades were made in Germany and Mexico. “Because of the ongoing hurricane season in the Gulf, all blades are now coming from Mexico.”

Godberson said blade installation could be completed by Dec. 1.

“Duke Energy still hopes to have Frontier II on line by the end of 2020, which was the original intent. As far as the reclamation of the tower sites, this will last well into next year as each tower site will be downsized to a minimal access area.”

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