OSBI investigating embezzlement allegations in Blackwell

October 9, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

BLACKWELL — Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) spokeswoman Brooke Arbeitman said today that the OSBI was requested by the Kay County Sheriff’s Office to investigate allegations of embezzlement by the treasurer of the Blackwell Softball Association, identified as Kasey Cox.

Arbeitman said agents are conducting interviews and gathering evidence and that OSBI was requested by KSO on Oct. 5. 

She said if charges are filed, they will be filed in Kay County District Court. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

The treasurer, is the wife of now former Blackwell mayor Glen Cox. Glen was elected as mayor earlier this year but resigned yesterday.

On Thursday, the City of Blackwell, posted on their Facebook page that they have accepted the resignation of Cox. Cox cites health issues as the reason for his resignation.

Blackwell City Manager Janet Smith said today it has been two years since the city last approved funding for the softball association.

“For the last two budgets, I have presented to the council that I did not approve the annual amount that went to the association which is $6,000,” said Smith. “So we have not give them any money for the past two years. I warned them that they did not have enough safeguards in place for their checking accounts. The city has taken over the management of the softball fields.” 

Smith said that the council will vote at the next meeting on whether or not to allow council member Steve Marquardt to serve as mayor until the next election in April. If Marquardt takes over as mayor, a resident from Ward 4 will be appointed to fill that vacancy until the April election.

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