Fugitive still on the lam

October 4, 2020 | Headlines

BLACKWELL — Blackwell police chief Dewayne Wood said today that 40-year-old fugitive Jason Michael Markey, 40, Denver, Colo. is still on the lam.

Markey fled from officers last night and was last seen entering the pasture south of Highway 11 and west of R Street.

Wood said the encounter began when police responded to the Jiffy Trip near Interstate 35 for a report of an assault. After a short police pursuit the suspect fled into the field but dropped his wallet.

Police recovered it and was able to identify him as Markey. He is described as having green eyes and brown hair and is 6 ft. 1 and weighs 195 pounds.

Wood said he has warrants on drug charges with bond totaling $200,000. “We had tough conditions to deal with last night,” said Wood. “There was no moonlight and we did what we could do.”

Wood said authorities believe he has been staying with relatives in Wakita in Grant County and may have ties in Stillwater. Police ask that residents be vigilant and report anything suspicious of any hitchhikers.

“If you hear something in your barn, it may not be an animal,” said Wood.

Wood said police will be sending paperwork to the district attorney’s office requesting felony domestic and attempting to elude charges be filed against Markey in Kay County District Court. Anyone with information is asked to call Blackwell police at 580-363-5490 or the Kay County Sheriff’s Department at 580 362-3250 or 911. (see related story)

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