Kay County active COVID-19 count climbs to 131

September 23, 2020 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY —  The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports 80,161 COVID-19 cases across the state, an increase of 1,089 from Tuesday.

The Kay County case total is now 544 as 13 more cases are reported.

The total case count includes 46 cases in Blackwell, seven active; 13 cases in Kaw City, two active; 40 cases in Newkirk, eight active; 423 cases in Ponca City, 108 active, and 28 cases in Tonkawa, six active.

Some of the Ponca City cases have been reported on the Osage County side and other cases have been reported in rural Kay County. 

There have been 15 cases reported at Kay County Nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic.  As of Sept. 21, nine cases had been reported at Ponca Nursing, one at Shawn Manor Nursing Home; one at Via Christi Village and one at Creekside Village, all in Ponca City. One at Hillcrest Manor in Blackwell and two at Willow Haven Nursing Home in Tonkawa. 

Twelve of the cases are considered recovered including eight at Ponca Nursing; and the cases at Via Christi, Creekside, and Hillcrest.

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The death toll includes 13 deaths in Kay County, 10 in Ponca City, one in Newkirk, one in Kaw City and one in Blackwell. Noble County has reported two deaths, a Billings resident and a Red Rock resident identified as a female in the 65 or older age category. Osage County has 13 reported deaths.

Kay County is 33rd in the state in the number of cases reported. 

Osage County ranks 25th in the state in the number of cases reported with 804. Burbank has had seven reported cases, one active. Fairfax has reported 29 cases, two active and Shidler, five, two active.

Noble County’s case count is 142. Billings has nine reported cases, two active. Marland, four cases. Perry, 59 reported cases, nine active; Red Rock’s case count is 40, six are active. 

OSDH reports 41 cases in Grant County which includes six reported case in Nash, two active; nine cases in Pond Creek, three active; 12 cases in Medford, one active; seven reported cases in Lamont and three cases in Wakita.

In Cowley County 348 cases have been reported and three deaths. 

It was announced last week that Arkalalah has been postponed.

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