Funding approved for Hubbard Road project

September 9, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

Kay County Commissioner Jack Godberson said today that the Circuit Engineering Division has approved $10.9 million in Federal Highway Administration funds to make permanent repairs on the Hubbard Road River Bridge project.

Hubbard Road was closed in mid May of 2019 because of damage caused by flood waters.

“We applied for the funding nearly a year ago,” said Godberbson. Logo

Godberson said since the funding has been approved a consulting engineering company has been selected for the project. “Several studies have to be completed before work can start,” said Godberson.

“It could be a year before the studies are completed and another four-five years before you see traffic on that road. Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Godberson said the goal is to make sure the project is engineered and built to withstand flooding for years to come with little to no maintenance and to secure the present river banks from consuming more farmland.

To see videos and more photos of the damage (click here)

The Chikaskia River is eroding the bridge on Hubbard Road.
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