Runway Reconstruction Project waiting in the wings; Fate of Fly-in-Breakfast up in the air

August 27, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY — City manager Craig Stephenson said the city is waiting on Federal Aviation Administration grant money to arrive so that the Airport Reconstruction Project can get under way.

Crews will remove the 8-10 inch deep concrete runway at Ponca City Regional Airport and replace it.

A concrete plant has already been constructed in the area to aide with the project.

Stephenson said the city will pay $102.00 of the total cost of the project which is just over $8 million.

Sandra Blanton, one of the organizers of the monthly Fly-in Breakfast, said the future of the breakfast remains on hold indefinitely because of COVID-19 and the upcoming construction project.

“As long as the COVID-19 numbers keep rising it is just not worth the risk,” said Blanton.

The monthly fundraiser for the Ponca City Aviation Foundation was last held on March 7, just before the pandemic began. (see photo)

“There is no way to enforce social distancing at the event and 95 percent of our workers are in the high risk group. So we really can’t ask them to come out and work. There has been some criticism but we can’t afford to put people at risk.” Logo

Blanton said if COVID-19 was under control, the runway construction would be an obstacle. “So if we were able to hold the breakfast we wouldn’t have any planes.”

The runway project will take an estimated 140 calendar days to complete.

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