Kay County Fair Board declines Blackwell’s proposed contract; No fair will be held

August 11, 2020 | Headlines

NEWKIRK — The Kay County Fair Board voted to not accept a proposed contract from the City of Blackwell tonight during a special meeting held at the courthouse, therefore killing any chance of a 2020 county fair.

Fair board member Maribeth Ratliff said the board unanimously did not accept the contract proposed by the Blackwell City Council. Ratliff said that board members described the contract as a joke and impossible.

“We felt like we might have been taking advantage of if we approved the contract,” said Ratliff.  “We wanted to provide something to the citizens of Kay County but we didn’t feel we could sign the contract in good faith because of the way it is written.”

The proposed contract was approved by the city council last week and sent to the fair board. (see story)

The contract would have allowed the fair board to host 12 food vendors and hold a stock show. Food would have been sold on a to go basis only.

Ratliff said the board hopes to continue a working relationship with Blackwell city leaders despite the 2020 situation.

The board’s next regular scheduled is next week. Ratliff said the board’s focus will turn to the February stock show and after that the 2021 fair.