ODAFF receiving numerous reports of seed packets arriving in Oklahoma

July 30, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry spokeswoman Morgan Vance said today that ODAFF continues to receive countless reports of Oklahomans receiving China seed packets.

Vance said the seeds are arriving in packages that are labeled jewelry. “If the package does not state that it contains seeds, then it is agriculture smuggling,” said Vance.

ODAFF spokeswoman Morgan Vance said the seeds arriving don’t all look the same.

Residents who receive packets are asked not to plant the seeds but instead send them to ODAFF. “Any seeds from another country are more than likely going to be illegal,” she said.

Officials state in a press release issued this week that although the items appear to be harmless, there is a potential of hidden threats in these seeds that could seriously threaten U.S. agriculture and our natural resources.  Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.

If you receive a package of these seeds that you did not order, please carefully follow the following instructions: 


1. Place all of the contents of the package, including the seeds and the originally packaging material in a Ziplock bag. Please write your name and city on the outside of the Ziplock bag. 

2. Send an email to morgan.vance@ag.ok.gov and Kenny.naylor@ag.ok.gov stating your location and that you have received a package.  


1. Dig up the seeds or the sprout, knock off any excess soil, double bag the contents and place in a box or mailer. Please write your name and city on the Ziplock bag. 


Choose from one of these three options

1. Please mail the seeds to 

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry  C/O Agriculture Smuggling Seeds 2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.  Oklahoma City, OK 73105 

2. Drop off the seeds in person at the front desk of ODAFF: located at the above address.

3. Drop off the seeds and the original packaging in the Ziplock bag at your local County Extension Office 

The list of offices, complete with addresses and phone numbers, can be found at https://extension.okstate.edu/county/index.html

Please call your extension office before dropping off to make an appointment.  For additional information, contact ODAFF by calling Kaci Hubbell at 405-522-5971 or Joe Rackley at 405-205-2709.