Tonkawa police unit subject of hit and run

July 27, 2020 | Featured|Police

TONKAWA — A Tonkawa police unit was struck by a motorist Saturday on Interstate 35.

Police chief Nick Payne said Major John Cooper was conducting a traffic stop and was not in the vehicle when it was hit.

“The officer was on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle at the time of the collision,” said Payne. “No injuries were sustained nor did the stopped vehicle sustain any damage.”

Payne said the suspect vehicle, described as a white box truck, continued southbound and has noticeable damage on the passenger side.

“Unfortunately because of the damage to the patrol unit, the officer was unable to access the vehicle immediately to give pursuit,” said Payne. Tonkawa police sent out a statewide message to all law enforcement.

“At this time no leads have been produced to identify or locate the truck or its driver,” said Payne. “Cooper’s body cam footage is being examined as to whether a better description of the suspect vehicle can be attained. At this time it is not known whether this was accidental or an intentional attack.”

Anyone with information on the suspect vehicle is asked to contact Tonkawa police at 580-628-2516, 911, or their local law enforcement.