More COVID-19 cases reported in Blackwell and Ponca City

July 4, 2020 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports 15,645 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Oklahoma since the beginning of the pandemic, an increase of 580 from Friday. 

The Kay County case total is now 108 as two more cases are reported in Ponca City and two more cases in Blackwell bringing the number of cases in Ponca City up to 102 since the beginning of the pandemic and five cases in Blackwell.

Both of the new Ponca City cases are on the Osage County side.

Newkirk and Tonkawa has had four cases, Kaw City, one case and another case is reported in a rural area of Kay County.

Nine of the Ponca City cases have been in the Osage County area which is why the Kay County total is not 115.  

OSDH reports 82 of those infected in Kay County have recovered, 19 of the cases are current. There are 11 ventilators available in Kay County.

Kay County ranks 24th in the state in the number of cases reported. 

Ponca City Public School summer indoor activities are on hold as PCPS awaits the test result of an employee who was exposed to COVID-19. (see story)

Noble County’s count is 40.  Red Rock’s case count is 22 with four active cases. Perry has reported 11 cases, five of those are active. Morrison three cases reported and Marland has one reported case.

The Osage County Count is 182 and Grant County remains at two cases.

The death toll across the state is now 398 which includes seven Kay County deaths. Five in Ponca City and one each in Newkirk and Kaw City. Eight people in Osage County have died.  

Cowley County case count is now 73. 

Cowley County Commissioners have voted to opt our of the statewide order to wear masks.

To read stories and obituaries of those in and around the Kay County area who have battled the virus click the following links.

One of the first people diagnosed in Ponca City was Geoffrey Cowan. KFOR-TV aired an update on his battle with COVID-19.

Ponca Nursing reported their second case of COVID-19 on May 18.

Ponca City resident Vicki Wasson

Newkirk resident Shineesta Emily Bushyhead Adams. (Adams died in April)

Lamont resident Jimmy Blaser

William Clemons, Ponca City

Otoe Tribal member Myra L. Pickering

Morris Hearde, Kaw City, obituary.!/Obituary

Sheryl Jo Littlecrow, Ponca City, obituary

Stan Ketcher, Ponca City, obituary

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