Shooting suspect held on $500,000 bond

June 29, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A status docket is set for Michael Jeffrey Thomas Hogue, 39, Ponca City, in Kay County District Court on July 24.

Hogue is charged with felony counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm after conviction during probation and is being held on $500,000 bond.

Ponca City police report Hogue is accused of shooting a Christopher Wilcoxson in the shoulder on March 10 at a residence in the 1600 block of Hathaway. (see story)

Michael Jeffrey Thomas Hogue

Wilcoxson reportedly told police that Hogue “barged into the house” and got into an argument with another subject over a female. As Hogue was leaving, Wilcoxson told police he looked at Hogue and told him it was the female’s choice. Hogue then reportedly pointed the gun at Wilcoxson and fired.

Police report they received permission from resident Henry Brown to search the residence.

Det. Sgt. Shane Pruett reports seeing a large amount of blood on the living room carpet, and on and around a recliner but did not locate any bullet holes or shell casings. Pruett reports he was unable to make contact with Bradley Wayne Green, who reportedly witnessed the shooting. Green is suspect in an unrelated burglary case. (see story here)

Pruett reports taking statements from witnesses Brown, Brandon Bullington and Robert Bean.

Bean reportedly told police he went to the residence with Hogue and Bullington and that the trio were there to talk about selling heroin. Bean told police he does not want heroin sold in Ponca City and said he was looking at his Bible when the gun went off. 

“I looked up and saw blood coming from the right side of the victim’s chest,” said Bean. “I did not see who shot the kid but I believe it was an accident but we did not go over there to cause any harm.” Bean reportedly told police he rode with the group to the hospital and carried Wilcoxson into the hospital.

On March 13, Agent Daniel Marsh reportedly sent Pruett a recorded phone conversation he had with Hogue. In it Hogue reportedly states that he and the others went to the residence to tell them to stop selling heroin.

“The guy was okay with what I was telling him and I flushed what heroin he had. One of the dudes there said ‘what if the girls are asking about it?’ I got in this person’s face and the guy reached for a gun and pulled it out. I grabbed it and it went offend shot him in the shoulder.”

Hogue is being held in the county jail on $500,000 bond.

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